Published by Bernard on 22 Mar 2017

the Menzingers (The Regent. March 14, 2017)

the Menzingers
It’s been quite a while since I covered a show so, naturally, within that time I’ve gotten used to certain routines. Normally on a Tuesday night I’d be settling in for some much needed rest before another long (and early starting) day at work. Live music, however, seems to always pull me away from bed fairly easily. Especially when a solid band like the Menzingers is in town.

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Published by Bernard on 08 Aug 2016

Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls (The Observatory. August 5, 2016)

Frank Turner

As hard as I’ve tried to fight it, the idea that you slow down as you get older is starting to ring true for myself. But life has a way of throwing you chances to live fast and die old. With Frank Turner headlining a show that would go well past midnight, tonight was one of those chances.

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Published by Bernard on 05 Jun 2016

Thrice (The Shrine. June 3, 2016)


Since Thrice announced their return from hiatus, they’ve notched small shows and festival performances on their veteran belts. They’ve recently released a new album “To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere” and have set out on a headlining tour, solidifying their return. With a sellout crowd at Los Angeles’ Shrine Auditorium, Thrice was sent out on the road in the best way possible.

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Published by Bernard on 13 May 2016

Motion City Soundtrack (HOB Anaheim. May 11, 2016)

Motion City SoundtrackI celebrated my 30th birthday this past January. A quiet celebration at home reminded me that I’m not in high school anymore: I don’t get wild every weekend, my knees hurt at the end of the day, my show attendance has (unfortunately) decreased, and bands I listened to are hanging it up. Unfortunately, one of those bands is Motion City Soundtrack. A completely sold out (and packed to the brim) House of Blues was a great send-off for one of the band’s last southern California shows.

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Published by Bernard on 19 Nov 2015

Circa Survive (the Shrine. November 14, 2015)

Circa Survive

10 years ago, Circa Survive released their debut album Juturna. I spun that album front-t0-back countless times throughout college. Apparently, I wasn’t alone as the Shrine was filled with others anxious to hear the album performed front-to-back. With help from friends in Rx Bandits, tonight’s sold out show at the Shrine was a real crowd pleaser.

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