Published by Bernard on 27 Oct 2015

Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls (HOB Anaheim. October 24, 2015)

Frank Turner

It’s been two years since I’ve seen (let alone shot) Frank Turner live. Not sure how I’ve gone this long since he’s popped up numerous times for small surprise shows and what not around Los Angeles. I’ve always known him to be a great performer, so I knew tonight would be a reminder of how much I’d been missing since I last saw him on stage. What I didn’t know was that the entire night was packed with performers that would make the night incredibly special.

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Published by Bernard on 16 Aug 2015

Fireworks (Chain Reaction. August 15, 2015)


I first saw Fireworks back in 2009 during the Gig Life tour and I’ve been watching and shooting them ever since. Naturally, it was tough to see the notice a few months back that Fireworks would be taking a break. Knowing the feeling all too well of “I wish I saw them one more time,” I couldn’t pass up the chance to watch them grace Chain Reaction’s stage again before heading into the unknown.

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Published by Bernard on 17 May 2015

The Early November (the Troubadour. May 16, 2015)

The Early NovemberThere are few bands still around from when I first started getting heavy into the music scene – back when a CD’s liner notes told you who a band was friends with, or when a feature on a Drive-Thru Records DVD was equal to having a popular YouTube profile. Times have definitely evolved, but the Early November has definitely ridden the music wave over the years. With honest lyrics and a sound that’s only gotten better with age, selling out the Troubadour should be considered low-hanging fruit for these Jersey musicians.

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Published by Bernard on 08 Mar 2015

Taking Back Sunday (The Palladium. February 27, 2015)

Taking Back SundayTaking Back Sunday have really stood the test of time. With an evolving yet familiar sound and a dedicated fan base that comes back show-after-show, it really shouldn’t be a surprise. A packed house at Hollywood’s Palladium set the stage for a great night with support from the Menzingers and letlive..

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Published by Bernard on 15 Feb 2015

“Commit This to Memory” 10th Anniversary Tour (HOB Anaheim. February 12, 2015)

Motion City Soundtrack

I know some people are getting sick of the anniversary or reunion tour thing, but it’s a good reminder for many of why they fell in love with a band or album X-amount of years ago. A sold-out show for Motion City Soundtrack’s 10-year anniversary of “Commit This to Memory” is a great example of just that.

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