Published by Bernard on 07 Nov 2017

Thrice/ Circa Survive (The Shrine. November 3, 2017)


It doesn’t happen often, but every now and then a tour lineup is announced where I’m familiar with every band. This tour touts one of those lineups and, trust me, every band is worth the ticket price!

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Published by Bernard on 07 Oct 2017

The Early November/ The Movielife (the Troubadour. October 4, 2017)

The Early November

Weekday, late-night shows are becoming more difficult to attend. Not because my passion for music isn’t there anymore, but I realize I’m getting old (and I had a 6:00 am meeting the next day). Ace Enders of the Early November mentioned before their set that they were taking us back to 2003 and all of a sudden a spark of energy lit up. I wasn’t worried about the show ending around midnight or that I’d only get 3 hours of sleep. Music has that kind of power.

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Published by Bernard on 10 Jul 2017

Western Standard Time (July 7, 2017. Levitt Pavilion)

Western Standard Time w/ Greg Lee“Hey, it’s free.” Usually that’s a phrase that accompanies sub-par quality, but not tonight. Western Standard Time pulled out all the stops for a free concert in MacArther Park. In the shadows of Los Angeles’ skyscrapers, there was a dance party full of people from all walks of life. With vocal guests including Angelo Moore of Fishbone and Greg Lee of Hepcat, you know the crowd was moving. I didn’t shoot that much (hey, I gotta dance, too!) but photos are after the jump!

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Published by Bernard on 17 Apr 2017

Thursday (The Wiltern. April 11, 2017)


I still remember the first time I saw Thursday on tour. I was super excited to see them in person and their intensity on stage did not disappoint. I also remember the last time I saw Thursday on tour. Like many others, I didn’t know it would be the last time (for a while). I did get to see them at Riot Fest last year, but we all know ~30 minute festival sets aren’t exactly the same. I guess it goes without saying that when they announced a full tour, I had to jump at the chance to see them. With support from Wax Idols, Basement, and our local favorites in Touché Amoré, tonight was going to be a stacked night of music.

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Published by Bernard on 22 Mar 2017

the Menzingers (The Regent. March 14, 2017)

the Menzingers
It’s been quite a while since I covered a show so, naturally, within that time I’ve gotten used to certain routines. Normally on a Tuesday night I’d be settling in for some much needed rest before another long (and early starting) day at work. Live music, however, seems to always pull me away from bed fairly easily. Especially when a solid band like the Menzingers is in town.

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