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Published by Bernard on 23 Mar 2019

Hot Water Music – “Caution” (the Echoplex. March 21, 2019)

To celebrate their 25th anniversary, Hot Water Music set up a tour to play their albums “Caution” and “No Division” in full. These albums have become a living soundtrack for many over the years, and the jam-packed Echoplex showed just how important these songs and this band are to their fans.

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Published by Bernard on 08 Feb 2019

Thursday – “Full Collapse” (Chain Reaction. January 30, 2019)

How often can you see one of your favorite bands play one of your favorite albums in full? In a venue that helped shape your younger years? AND on your birthday?

I may not have gotten candles, but Thursday helped blow the lights out!

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Published by Bernard on 05 Jun 2016

Thrice (The Shrine. June 3, 2016)


Since Thrice announced their return from hiatus, they’ve notched small shows and festival performances on their veteran belts. They’ve recently released a new album “To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere” and have set out on a headlining tour, solidifying their return. With a sellout crowd at Los Angeles’ Shrine Auditorium, Thrice was sent out on the road in the best way possible.

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Published by Bernard on 02 Feb 2012

H2O “Don’t Forget Your Roots” release show (the Echo. January 29, 2012)

H2O 038

With a small venue like the Echo, you kind of build up an idea of how a show is going to go down before you even step inside. A no stage dive/crowd surf policy, however, was in effect and broke the idea up a bit for me. Still, with three crowd-pleasing bands putting on great performances, you shouldn’t be surprised that people had a pretty good time… and still found a way to jump off stage.

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Published by Bernard on 26 Jul 2010

Katchafire (House of Blues: Anaheim. July 24, 2010)

Katchafire 008

Judging by my typical show reviews it might surprise people to find out that I listen to a wide range of music. I’m pretty open to different genres and that led me to New Zealand’s Katchafire. The great thing about this show is that I got the added bonus of enjoying the band’s performance with the people responsible for introducing me to their music.

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