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Published by Bernard on 26 Jan 2015

Saosin (the Observatory. January 19, 2015)

SaosinHappy New Year! What better way to move into a new year than by stepping into a time machine with Saosin? If an Anthony-Green-fronted Saosin doesn’t get your nostalgic radar humming, then perhaps a set from Taken will bring you where you should be.

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Published by Bernard on 22 Nov 2014

The Ghost Inside/ Every Time I Die (The Glasshouse. November 15, 2014)

The Ghost Inside

Just like last week’s Real Friends show, I had the opportunity to shoot another sold out event – this time featuring The Ghost Inside, Every Time I Die, Architects, and Hundredth graced the stage of one of my favorite venues.

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Published by Bernard on 20 Aug 2014

Basement (the Glass House. August 12, 2014)


I still remember the day that Basement played down the street from the Glass House at Aladdin Jr. 2 — I wasn’t there. I was accompanying a friend to an open forum discussion on unmanned aerial vehicles (drones). While watching old people argue on off-topic issues was entertaining, I knew I was missing out on an even better show by a band that was going away for an undetermined amount of time. Snap back to current times: Aladdin Jr. 2 is long gone, but Basement was back in the US for an incredible sold-out show.

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Published by Bernard on 29 Mar 2014

Musink 2014 (OC Fair and Events Center. March 21-23)

continue to rest of articleOver the course of three days, Musink brought together plenty of different faces to enjoy lifestyles that, for many years, have been so closely intertwined. Rather than have one or the other be a side act, both the music and tattoo scenes are represented by big names and special appearances. All three days are accounted for after the jump!

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Published by Bernard on 23 Sep 2013

Riot Fest Day 3 (Chicago. September 15, 2013)

The last day of Riot Fest was the day I was personally looking forward to the most. What I wasn’t looking forward to (and I’m sure everyone shared the same sentiment) was the forecast for consistent rain. More after the jump

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