The ability of music to bring people together is a very powerful thing. Whether it came from a band that traveled halfway around the world or a band that traveled down the freeway, music brought wall-to-wall fans out to Chain Reaction.

Up first for me was Teenage Wrist. This band has been working the local scene for a while, so it was no surprise that their fans showed up to support.
Their set included old favorites from previously released EPs as well as selections from their first full-length Chrome Neon Jesus released last year. Having seen them in plenty of club venues and even House of Blues: Las Vegas (supporting Thrice), it’s apparent that Teenage Wrist really feeds off of the crowd’s energy. With the intimate setting of Chain Reaction, where fans are pressed up against the stage and singing their voices out, the band looked right at home.

Basement silently stepped onto the Chain Reaction stage, hot off of an arena tour supporting the Pixies and Weezer. For many fans that made up the sold out crowd, this was a special occurrence to see the band in such a small venue. For Basement, hailing from England, this was also a special occurrence – performing at a famed small-capacity venue that is known worldwide (thanks internet and Drive-Thru Records DVDs!). Basement had a pretty steady stream of stage divers throughout the night. The room never stopped moving! While fans falling on stage, knocking over equipment, and even colliding with band members seemed to take its toll on the band, it was ultimately what Basement was expecting from the venue. The chaos is part of Chain Reaction’s legend, but so is hearing a room full of people singing your lyrics back to you. You can see the happiness on the faces of the members of Basement as they soaked in the experience.