How often can you see one of your favorite bands play one of your favorite albums in full? In a venue that helped shape your younger years? AND on your birthday?

I may not have gotten candles, but Thursday helped blow the lights out!

The night only had one opener, but it was quality over quantity. Vein had been on my “Gotta Watch” list for a while now. I missed one opportunity a few months earlier but I wasn’t going to let that happen again. Thank goodness I didn’t. The intensity shown in their recordings was mirrored by their on-stage performance. Vein was aggressive and entertaining at the same time. The venue was just starting to fill in during their set, but Vein had a pit going for much of the time. Tons of energy in a tiny room was like a 0-to-100 warmup for the headliners.

Although there was a good spread of ages represented, this was very much a night for nostalgia. Conversations flowed from “I first saw Thursday…” to “I haven’t been here since…” And then the lights dimmed.

With the introductory track to “Full Collapse” playing in the background, Thursday took the stage and was greeted by a sold-out crowd. From that moment on, it was a hot and sweaty set with a lot of singing and smiling. Fans took advantage of their tightly-packed peers to crowd surf to the front to sing their favorite song. Having seen Thursday perform many times over the years, I can honestly say this performance has taken the #1 spot for me. Maybe it was the venue, maybe it was the energy that the crowd brought, maybe it was because of my birthday… But in all certainty, I can say Thursday put on a fun performance of an album that still hits as hard as it did when I heard parts of it on (if you know, you know) many moons ago.

Much love to my dear friend Carly Hoskins for just being an all-around good person.