Tigers Jaw

Tigers Jaw’s tour celebrating their 10 year anniversary of their self-titled album is proof that although much can change over time, strong influences will always be relevant. Speaking of change, sometime between this show and the Belmont show I went to a few weeks ago, Chain Reaction started selling alcohol! (Gasp and follow the jump for photos)

First up for me was the Sidekicks. I’d only had the chance to see these guys perform live once, about 7 years ago. And, of course, I can say that they have only gotten better. I’ve always thought that their recorded music transfers quite well to the live show, and that hasn’t changed.  Their upbeat music was full of life and was a great warmup for the sold out crowd.

Tigers Jaw took to the stage and was greeted with the cheers of a packed up Chain Reaction. They started first with a set of mixed favorites before taking a break and playing their self-titled album from start to finish. While the first set was met with high admiration, it was the album set that really set the place off. I hadn’t heard Chain Reaction that loud in a while with the audience’s singing sometimes overpowering the band. They didn’t seem to mind, however. And with this being the first of 4 sold-out shows in the area, I’m sure Tigers Jaw was hoping for nothing less than this type of reception.