I’ve been attending a lot of big arena shows lately, so it was nice to break that up with a trip to the famed Chain Reaction to watch some tour-grinding bands show their love for performing even though they’re so far from home.

It’s always fun to see how excited bands are to play at Chain Reaction. The venue has been such a staple in the music community so it’s no wonder that Intervention, all the way from Florida, were doing their best to match the hype of the iconic stage. Their catchy music was entrancing the ears of those who’ve never heard the band before tonight as an innocent sense of joy was displayed on the band members’ faces.

Personally, Such Gold is what drew me out tonight. They mentioned coming up on their 10 year anniversary as a band and, having been a fan since some of their earlier years, it really made me reflect on how their music (and music in general) can drum up memories of specific life events. And despite the years, these guys still perform with the same fiery energy that made me latch on in the first place.

Belmont took to the stage and were immediately met with that familiar audience push to the front, packing around the Chain Reaction stage like sardines. The band was totally into the intimacy and provided a very dynamic stage performance. Belmont fed off the energy of the audience singing along, moshing, and even throwing a couple of stage dives. “Fluid” and “natural” are the first words that come to mind when I think of Belmont’s set. Their music was intense and their performance was full of life – definitely check them out!