Galactic Empire

I’ve been a Star Wars fan for most of my life. There’s an old Hugh Fleming poster titled “Star Wars Rocks” (I’m praying this piece of fandom is still in a box somewhere in my parents’ house) that I’ve always gotten a kick out of. It depicts original Star Wars characters rocking out to a packed audience. Many moons later, Galactic Empire has brought the idea of that poster to life for me and other Star Wars fans around the world.

Opening up the night was The New Pacific, a local alternative rock band. Their music had good range, going from driving rhythms that reminded me of the Classic Crime all the way to heavier jams aligned with Thrice. And just for good measure, they’re pretty slick with the guitar riffs. A perfect set up for the face-melting that the audience was expecting walking into the doors.

The Roxy is one of the few venues I know of in LA that still closes a curtain between bands. This added to the excitement to see Galactic Empire’s stage setup – as clean as the Death Star! With no stage monitors crowding the stage, the audience was able to pack it in and get real personal with the band. Armed with their renditions of John Williams’ iconic pieces and instrument skills that would make Dream Theater nod their heads, Galactic Empire did not leave anyone disappointed. A lot of technical instrumental bands aren’t really interesting to watch, but if the costumes weren’t eye-catching enough, Galactic Empire really takes command of the stage. If you find that hard to believe, you might end up the target of an on-stage Force choke (although, that sounds like more of an honor)! Whether you’re a Star Wars fan, a metal fan, or both, Galactic Empire is a band guaranteed to entertain.

Thanks to Mike for setting me up for this show!