The Early November

Weekday, late-night shows are becoming more difficult to attend. Not because my passion for music isn’t there anymore, but I realize I’m getting old (and I had a 6:00 am meeting the next day). Ace Enders of the Early November mentioned before their set that they were taking us back to 2003 and all of a sudden a spark of energy lit up. I wasn’t worried about the show ending around midnight or that I’d only get 3 hours of sleep. Music has that kind of power.

First up was Racquet Club. Although the band is new, its members can be found on the rosters of the Jealous Sound, Samiam, and Knapsack. Needless to say, they know a thing or two about creating some good tunes. So, in support of their newly released self-titled album, Racquet Club found themselves opening up to a good chunk of the sold-out audience space.

Over the years, I’ve seen the Movielife take on many different performing forms. From an acoustic set in my friends’ living room to a destination music festival, the Movielife has always shown why fans love them and why other bands cite them as an influence. Also supporting a new album, Cities in Search of a Heart, the band entertained fans with heart-pumping new songs as well as old favorites. The packed up Troubadour was full of energy as fans sang-along and got the floor moving. Although I never got to see the Movielife in their original-lineup form, if tonight was any indication on how this band will go from here, I can only expect highly positive things.

The Early November came on to close out the trip back in time. 2003 seems like a long time ago when the band joked about the technologies of the time, but the music still resonates today. The Room’s Too Cold was a very strong debut full-length and to hear it from start to finish was beautiful. The audience offered their voices on every song and never broke their gaze from the stage. Although he wasn’t flanked by the regular members of the band, Ace Enders still gave the emotional vocal performance that has been linked to the band’s sound since the beginning. Trying to find the balance with life and a musical path can be challenging, as fans of the Early November know. But we can only hope that they continue on to provide us with quality music, both live and recorded.

Thanks to Tito for setting me up for tonight!