I still remember the first time I saw Thursday on tour. I was super excited to see them in person and their intensity on stage did not disappoint. I also remember the last time I saw Thursday on tour. Like many others, I didn’t know it would be the last time (for a while). I did get to see them at Riot Fest last year, but we all know ~30 minute festival sets aren’t exactly the same. I guess it goes without saying that when they announced a full tour, I had to jump at the chance to see them. With support from Wax Idols, Basement, and our local favorites in Touché Amoré, tonight was going to be a stacked night of music.

Wax Idols took the stage first. This was my first time hearing them and, although quite different from the rest of the bands on the bill, I did enjoy their 80s-influenced tunes. With groove-inducing music and haunting vocals, it would be difficult not to move your body along. Wax Idols looked very comfortable performing in front of the crowd. They gave a fun and confident performance to a room that was starting to fill in. Running along the border of poppy and  moody melodies, this band kept new fans like myself guessing but pleasantly surprised the entire set.

Basement came on next and started a progression into the night’s heavier sounds. Their ability to go from soft melodies into circle-pit-fueling punk (within the same song, even) is part of Basement’s charm. It was clear they had a following within the venue’s walls, so it shouldn’t come as a shock that the different sections of the Wiltern were all participating in the show. Singing, moving, screaming-along – the fans were definitely showing their support and the band was loving every second of it.    

Touché Amoré is a powerhouse. I don’t know how else to describe this band. I’ve always believed in home-court advantage in sports, and there’s definitely a parallel for traveling bands. From their first note on, Touché Amoré was in complete control. If you’ve been to the Wiltern, you know that this venue doesn’t really match well with how Touché Amoré‘s shows usually go, but the crowd and the band did what they could. The energy was high and the fans were completely connected. If you’ve never experienced Touché Amoré  live, words and photos will do them no justice. Go watch them and prepared to have your heart pounding.

I had my camera in-hand the last time I saw Thursday on tour. At the time, I didn’t know it was going to be the last time in a long time that I’d be seeing them. In between shots I just had to pause, look up, and really soak in what this band does on stage every night. By that I mean scream along to the lyrics, but you get the idea. Tonight was no different, and I’m sure it wasn’t for anyone else packing in the venue. I was lucky enough to catch them at Riot Fest last year, but looking around you could tell that this was the first time people were seeing Thursday again since their last tour. Again, Thursday did not disappoint. If that weren’t enough, Jeremy from Touché Amoré and Hether Fortune from Wax Idols even lent their vocals for songs toward the end of the set. From the energy in their music to the attention-grabbing power of their performance, everything felt incredible. I don’t know what Thursday’s ultimate plan is, but I really hope we see much more of them in the future.

My undying thanks to my dear friend Carly for setting me up for tonight. I am truly, truly jealous you get to watch and photograph this tour.