the Menzingers
It’s been quite a while since I covered a show so, naturally, within that time I’ve gotten used to certain routines. Normally on a Tuesday night I’d be settling in for some much needed rest before another long (and early starting) day at work. Live music, however, seems to always pull me away from bed fairly easily. Especially when a solid band like the Menzingers is in town.

My night started out with Jeff Rosenstock. Probably best known for fronting Bomb the Music Industry, and now with solo albums under his belt, Rosenstock provided a fun set that had the whole room moving. Jumping easily from mellow driving rhythms to full on circle-pit jams, you never knew what to expect.  I don’t recall if I’ve ever seen a xylophone used at a show, but (like the entire set) it was a welcomed departure from the norm. Jeff Rosenstock’s energy on stage was only matched by everyone singing and bouncing along in the audience. It was a fun atmosphere to be a part of.


Looking back, the first time I watched the Menzingers was back in 2011. Their music has definitely evolved since then and their stage show has as well. Launching right into their highly-talked about album’s opening track “Tellin’ Lies”, they set the tone and the audience was completely tuned in for the rest of the night. While not as wild as they once were on stage, they clearly still feed off of the audience’s energy and are having a ton of fun playing to a crowd. They sounded very crisp and refined, even when reaching back to the older “Time Tables”. The Menzingers have provided a soundtrack for many people over the years, so seeing them live will definitely hit you emotionally while still provide an excellent show. Definitely worth missing some sleep!

Many thanks to Felicia for setting me up for tonight!