Frank Turner

As hard as I’ve tried to fight it, the idea that you slow down as you get older is starting to ring true for myself. But life has a way of throwing you chances to live fast and die old. With Frank Turner headlining a show that would go well past midnight, tonight was one of those chances.

Josiah & The Bonnevilles was the lone opening act to an already-crowded venue. They had a soft folk sound that wasn’t afraid to pump up in volume or feeling. Josiah’s vocals were very distinct and emotional, something that I’m sure evoked a warm feeling and connection with a lot of people in the audience. While overall very mellow, their performance was still enough to get the crowd warmed up – a tall order considering the majority of the audience looked like they had worked a long Friday and were battling with an 11PM showtime. Their set was cut a song short due to time constraints, but I definitely wish I could have heard another.

Just shortly after midnight, Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls walked out onto a darkened stage. The opening call of “I Still Believe” was an absolute perfect way to start their late-night set as it beckoned the audience to immediately start singing along. From that point on, it was full-throttle for everyone in the room. With a setlist that spanned Turner’s catalogue – including his latest “Positive Songs For Negative People” – everyone in the audience was guaranteed to hear something familiar. But just to turn the tables, Turner eventually stood on his own and played a song that was still in works (he even asked that everyone turn their cameras off as the song still wasn’t quite ready for that).

From pitting the audience against each other in friendly competition for an autographed drum head (which ultimately lead to a “Wall of Hugs”) to plenty of crowd surfing from the audience and Frank himself, this was one of the most entertaining Frank Turner shows I’ve witnessed. Seriously, if you haven’t seen Frank Turner live then you need to find some time when he comes around… There’ll be time for sleep afterwards.


Thanks to Hillary and Dani for setting me up for the show!