Since Thrice announced their return from hiatus, they’ve notched small shows and festival performances on their veteran belts. They’ve recently released a new album “To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere” and have set out on a headlining tour, solidifying their return. With a sellout crowd at Los Angeles’ Shrine Auditorium, Thrice was sent out on the road in the best way possible.

First up for the night was Gates from New Jersey. Online and on-stage, they were verbally excited to be opening the show (and the tour) on the release day of their own album. They had a great sound that fit right in with Thrice’s track record of bands they’ve brought on tour before. Their stage presence coupled up well with their music and really got the audience set up for the rest of the night.

La Dispute took the stage next. I’m used to seeing these guys in more intimate venues and really in their audience’s faces. But that didn’t stop their highly emotional music from connecting with the crowd, especially since lead singer Jordan Dreyer made sure to step out to the crowd barrier for that small-venue feel. From start to finish, the audience seemed entranced by the energy coming from the stage.

The sound from the crowd as the lights shut out before Thrice was deafening. The Shrine was full and ready to explode! And rightfully so – for many people this was their first time seeing Thrice since they announced their return. Having seen Thrice many, many times over the years (a perk of them being a local powerhouse) I was actually surprised by their set list: Of course they played songs from the new album, but they picked throughout their catalog with songs they haven’t played often or at all. There were obvious crowd favorites that we’ve heard before, but this band knows they have a lot to choose from and really dug in to give a different show from the past. The uproar from the start of their set was only dwarfed by the audience’s reaction at the end. Thrice is back and ready to stomp out any stage they step on!

Many thanks to Nathalie and Jamie for their help with setting me up for this show!