Motion City SoundtrackI celebrated my 30th birthday this past January. A quiet celebration at home reminded me that I’m not in high school anymore: I don’t get wild every weekend, my knees hurt at the end of the day, my show attendance has (unfortunately) decreased, and bands I listened to are hanging it up. Unfortunately, one of those bands is Motion City Soundtrack. A completely sold out (and packed to the brim) House of Blues was a great send-off for one of the band’s last southern California shows.

I’ve had the pleasure of shooting Motion City Soundtrack before and they’ve been one of the more consistent bands in terms of performance. The energy of their live show definitely matches their catchy and upbeat music. I had only seen the House of Blues in Anaheim packed up the way it was a handful of times – in most places you literally had no room stretch a leg! But the audience’s spirits were high and contributed to solid interaction with the band.

On stage, you couldn’t even tell that Motion City Soundtrack are on their final tour. The band seemed as though they didn’t want to draw attention to the elephant in the room and played the show as if it were any other – and the fans loved it. A few crowd surfers here and there but for the most part the venue was a big dance and sing-along party. It wasn’t until the encore set that the bittersweet feelings were starting to set in. While everyone was indeed sad to know that this was the end of the line, that didn’t stop anyone from singing their loudest for those last few songs.

Thanks to Felicia for helping me out with this show. Thanks to the House of Blues (I’ve always loved this location but I’m definitely excited for the new one). To the boys in Motion City Soundtrack – congrats on such a great run and good luck with everything in the future!