Circa Survive

10 years ago, Circa Survive released their debut album Juturna. I spun that album front-t0-back countless times throughout college. Apparently, I wasn’t alone as the Shrine was filled with others anxious to hear the album performed front-to-back. With help from friends in Rx Bandits, tonight’s sold out show at the Shrine was a real crowd pleaser.

I’ve listened to Rx Bandits long enough to hear their sound progress and change from album to album. But the one consistent thing is the energy they bring to their live shows.Although the venue was a little larger than what I’m used to seeing Rx Bandits play to, they still brought the intensity they use to rip through the small club shows and it transferred over well to the grooving audience at the Shrine. With the band’s home town just a stone’s throw from the Shrine, Rx Bandits surely brought out longtime fans that were treated to plenty of songs to sing along to. A real highlight was the band being joined by Anthony Green to perform a quick snippet from the joint super group side project, the Sound of Animals Fighting. This band isn’t known for flashiness and I think that’s one of the big draws for their fan base. Rx Bandits is just a band that makes great music and want to share it with any one who will listen.

The swirling audio introduction of Juturna came over the speakers and quickly ushered in Circa Survive’s set. The audience erupted into cheers immediately upon recognition and the level excitement never dropped from that point. A constant surge toward the stage and crowd surfers floating closer to the source of the music was the theme for the audience. A full visual experience was on tap from the band and I wasn’t expecting anything less. The stage exploded with lights and Anthony Green leading the charge to grab and hold onto the audience’s senses. To further engulf the crowd in the experience, a number of large balloons (some with glowsticks) were dropped onto the audience about mid-way through the set and were bouncing around for the rest of the night. Whether you were up front or all the way in the back, Circa Survive gave everyone a real show. The sold out crowd will definitely have something to talk about until the next time the band comes around town.

Many thanks to Becca and Dayna for setting me up for tonight’s show. My apologies to Citizen for missing the window to shoot their set, LA traffic/parking can suck sometimes.