I first saw Fireworks back in 2009 during the Gig Life tour and I’ve been watching and shooting them ever since. Naturally, it was tough to see the notice a few months back that Fireworks would be taking a break. Knowing the feeling all too well of “I wish I saw them one more time,” I couldn’t pass up the chance to watch them grace Chain Reaction’s stage again before heading into the unknown.

While they definitely don’t have much stage room to work with at Chain, Fireworks lived up to their name and gave a great, high-energy performance that fed off the crowd’s set-long involvement. I’ll be honest that this was the first time in a long time where I shot a show from within the front lines and I’ve missed that energy of being surrounded by excited people. While going through their catalog of fan-favorites, it was easy for Fireworks to induce a sing-along for every song. It was even easier to beckon fans to approach the microphone and belt out lyrics. Whether by clamoring over other bodies or simply climbing up the side of the stage, the audience wasn’t shy about coming up to create one more on-stage memory with the band.

The smiles on the faces of the members of Fireworks show that they still truly love performing and sharing memories with their fans. We can only hope that they’ll be back sooner than we know it so we can all get active and sing a song together again.

Shout out to Fireworks for working so hard over the years and sharing their art with us fans. And happy birthday to Chris Browne!