The Early NovemberThere are few bands still around from when I first started getting heavy into the music scene – back when a CD’s liner notes told you who a band was friends with, or when a feature on a Drive-Thru Records DVD was equal to having a popular YouTube profile. Times have definitely evolved, but the Early November has definitely ridden the music wave over the years. With honest lyrics and a sound that’s only gotten better with age, selling out the Troubadour should be considered low-hanging fruit for these Jersey musicians.

In some online articles featuring The Early November’s frontman, Ace Enders, he spoke about their return from hiatus and how the music scene had changed. The Troubadour was indeed filled with an older crowd, one that had obviously been listening since releases far earlier than The Early Novembers latest effort “Imbue”. But there was still a considerable showing of younger fans, perhaps those that may have caught the band on Warped Tour or had heard of them through friends and family. It just goes to show that although the landscape of popular music is ever-shifting, writing music that speaks to people will always pull them in to a sold-out venue.

Fans bobbed their heads along to newer songs from the Early November’s most recent releases, but it was the old kick-you-in-the-chest emotional anthems like “Sunday Drive” or “Ever So Sweet” that really put the crowd into a vocal frenzy. Switching from powerful, stripped-down vocal performances to fast poppy songs brought on everything from sing-a-longs and crowd surfing from this very excited audience.

The band was missing a member due to family emergency, forcing a shift in instrumentation. But you would never notice by how well each member performed or by how much fun they were having with the audience. With smiles all around I’m fairly confident this was just fuel for the band to keep going. I’m expecting more great music and more great performances like this in the future.

Thanks to Talia for setting me up for tonight!