Motion City Soundtrack

I know some people are getting sick of the anniversary or reunion tour thing, but it’s a good reminder for many of why they fell in love with a band or album X-amount of years ago. A sold-out show for Motion City Soundtrack’s 10-year anniversary of “Commit This to Memory” is a great example of just that.

My night started out with Hellogoodbye. With fans cut from the same cloth as Motion City Soundtrack fans, it was no surprise to hear the amount of people singing along. Hellogoodbye put on an upbeat performance that had fans dancing throughout the set. With a wide array of instruments on stage, the band showed off a sound that has surely grown and matured over the years. With a fun atmosphere and playful banter between songs, Hellogoodbye put on a fun show while warming the crowd up for the main event.

The house music between sets evoked a feeling of nostalgia as songs from Jimmy Eat World and the All-American Rejects brought fans back 10+ years. As fans anxiously sang along to these tunes, the lights dimmed and Motion City Soundtrack took the stage. Without hesitation, they launched right into “Commit This to Memory” and sent fans into an audible frenzy. 10 years worth of playing these songs at home and hearing them performed live gave the audience plenty of practice to sing along. Motion City Soundtrack played off of this energy and even stepped back to let the crowd take over vocal duties. One thing I’ve really come to enjoy about these types of shows is that the band will often take the time to explain events that lead to a song’s writing. Motion City Soundtrack did just that, adding another sense of connection for fans. With 2 encores following the full “Commit This to Memory” performance, fans of any MCS release had something to dance and sing along to. It was a fun night that unfortunately had to end. But having sold out the venue, it’s safe to say Motion City Soundtrack will be back to get fans dancing soon enough.

Thanks to Michele for setting me up for tonight!