The Ghost Inside

Just like last week’s Real Friends show, I had the opportunity to shoot another sold out event – this time featuring The Ghost Inside, Every Time I Die, Architects, and Hundredth graced the stage of one of my favorite venues.

My night opened up with Hundredth. Although their set seemed to fly by, the quality of their performance outweighed the time slot. Hundredth put on an intense set that beckoned for audience participation – not an understatement when you have a singer that spent 90% of the performance along the barrier, face-to-face with screaming fans.

The onslaught of energy didn’t end with Hundredth as Architects jumped on stage and completely blew the audience away. With fans flying over the barrier to get close to the microphone, you can’t blame the band for how excited they looked on stage. Face-melting guitar riffs and heavy beats really got the crowd into a frenzy. I’ll admit that I had never listened to this band before tonight, but I was surely blasting their music afterwards.

Co-headlining the night was Every Time I Die. As one of my personal favorites, I was expecting what I always expected from ETID: Chaos. With Every Time I Die on stage there really isn’t anything you can do to prepare for how wild the band or their fans get. The only way I can describe it is a house party that just gets way out of hand. Bodies flew over the barricade from both sides and, yes, the band definitely got involved with that action as well. If you enjoy Every Time I Die’s recorded music, their live show is something you should NEVER miss. It will be well worth any price of admission.

With Violent Gentlemen sponsoring this tour, two of my favorites were combined: hockey and heavy music. The Ghost Inside’s frontman has been very open about his support of the Los Angeles Kings. It should have been no surprise that a “GO KINGS GO!” chant would start during the Ghost Inside’s set. With a connection that went beyond music, the audience really responded to the Ghost Inside’s performance. It was great to hear fans sing and scream along while also getting treated to fun and personal banter between songs. With a Kings win and a great performance, this was one hell of a way to spend a Saturday.

Thanks to Felicia for taking care of me for tonight as always. My apologies to Backtrack for missing their performance to open the show… SoCal traffic is never on my side.