I still remember the day that Basement played down the street from the Glass House at Aladdin Jr. 2 — I wasn’t there. I was accompanying a friend to an open forum discussion on unmanned aerial vehicles (drones). While watching old people argue on off-topic issues was entertaining, I knew I was missing out on an even better show by a band that was going away for an undetermined amount of time. Snap back to current times: Aladdin Jr. 2 is long gone, but Basement was back in the US for an incredible sold-out show.

With the show moving from Chain Reaction to the Glass House to accommodate more fans, I knew this show was going to be special. When the show sold out, my excitement grew even further. Over the course of their hiatus, Basement received a lot of new fans wishing for a chance to have seen them live… and now people (including myself) were getting that chance.

With two albums and a few EPs to pull from, Basement put on the exact show I had pictured in my mind — tons of energy, great audience response, and a sold-out venue full of smiling faces. The beach balls flying around was unexpected, but definitely added to the fun for everyone on and off the stage. You can tell the band was really enjoying themselves on stage and really gave it their all. First impressions go a long way and, for many people, Basement really put their best foot forward. The band was incredible to watch live and I know a lot of people are happy they’re back from hiatus.  If the audience response to the stage show wasn’t indication enough, the crowd surrounding their merch table after the show was a dead giveaway.

Thanks to Justin for setting me up for the show!