continue to rest of articleOver the course of three days, Musink brought together plenty of different faces to enjoy lifestyles that, for many years, have been so closely intertwined. Rather than have one or the other be a side act, both the music and tattoo scenes are represented by big names and special appearances. All three days are accounted for after the jump!

I spent day one soaking in the atmosphere. This year showed a lot more growth than previous years, including a small custom car show between the tattoo and music halls. While this may only have something to do with Travis Barker’s (known for collecting vintage Cadillacs) name gracing all of the flyers, it was nice to see yet another closely related lifestyle mixed into the festival. Of course the tattoo hall was buzzing, but there was a lot more than just needles and ink. This year showed a lot more booths with clothing, accessories, and art. My personal draw for this festival is the music. I caught the Vandals and the Descendents absolutely killing the stage. It was especially great for me to see the Descendents up close and personal.

Day two saw a mixing of genres with performances by the Transplants and Tech N9ne. The Transplants had great energy and had a packed up venue moving all throughout their set. As part of the Rockstar Energy Inked Up World Tour, Miss Musink was crowned in an audience participation vote between performances. Tech N9ne came on to the emptiest the stage would be all weekend and completely held his own – one man, one mic, all eyes on him.

The last day of Musink was very special to the hardcore music community. Bringing together the big names of Strife, H2O, Judge, and Gorilla Biscuits was a feat in itself. This day saw the only stage transformation with the addition of a catwalk that extended out past the security barrier and into the audience. The bands in the hardcore scene are known for hating separation from their fans and this night showed no compromise. With fans jumping on and off stage and even band members jumping into the crowd, the band-audience relationship was tight and cohesive. Seeing bands that have been influencing the scene for so long controlling a stage and giving off as much energy as they did was awesome.

Musink is a festival that continues to show growth. With the amount of small children and families that were in attendance, you can tell that the lifestyles involved in Musink are far from dying. They’ll continue to grow and flourish and we can only hope that Musink does the same.

Thanks to Austin for helping me out with this weekend!