Big festivals are a completely different animal from what is usually covered by this site. Granted, many of the acts I covered last weekend are typical of what you’d see in an individual post, to have them all in one festival is pretty special. So it’s no surprise that the music scene basically exploded when the Riot Fest Chicago lineup was announced. I originally planned to go merely as a music fan, but I was granted the opportunity to cover the event and now I get to share the experience with all of you. More after the jump!

When the festival organizers announced the set times for the weekend, I knew I had a lot on my plate. I’ve been going to festivals for a while as a fan and having to decide between one act or another is always difficult. With my camera around my neck for the weekend, all those decisions became even more difficult (for those that don’t know, photographers are typically only allowed to shoot the first three songs of a set). Couple that with the HUGE chunk of land called Humboldt Park and you’ll understand how much energy was required for the weekend.

Amongst the carnival rides, midway games, and vendors, the stages of Riot Fest beckoned large audiences to enjoy a mixing pot of musical genres. From the party time antics of Andrew W.K. to the pop punk tunes of Yellowcard, Day 1 of Riot Fest was filled with plenty of acts to satisfy any kind of music fan. The mid-west was well represented by hip-hop acts Dessa and Atmosphere as well as Chicago locals the Smoking Popes and Fall Out Boy. Anyone in attendance was treated to a full day of great music to kick-off an amazing weekend in a beautiful city.

Enjoy the shots, more to come in the following days!