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Thanks to a $1 Million grant awarded to them last year, non-profit To Write Love On Her Arms was able to take their annual show “Heavy and Light” on the road. What was once confined to TWLOHA’s home base in Florida, “Heavy and Light” brought out artists willing to speak candidly about personal issues that often get swept under the rug. The entire night was packed with performances and conversations that truly makes this tour stand out amongst any I have ever personally attended.

Acoustic sets by Run River North, Frank & Derol, Martin Johnson of Boys Like Girls, and Christina Perri were the obvious highlights of the night. The thing that stood out was that every set saw the performers addressing the crowd on a very personal level – explaining songs and sharing personal experiences that may otherwise have gone unsaid were it not for the objective of this tour. Christina Perri took this the furthest by jumping out to the edge of the stage after her first song to sit and speak with the audience about her childhood. She was afraid it would turn into “VH1’s Storytellers” but I think it went over well with all the fans. The performers were all absolutely amazing and the personal anecdotes made each song seem that much more special to the audience.

Run River North

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Frank & Derol

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Martin Johnson (Boys Like Girls)

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Christina Perri

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This show flowed really well by way of TWLOHA’s format. Between bands, spoken word poet Anis Mojgani shared his craft with the audience. TWLOHA also made a point to pay attention to a pamphlet that was given to everyone as they walked into the venue. The pamphlet explained the organization, the tour, and also provided local resources for anyone to turn to for help (apparently, TWLOHA researched local organizations close to the tour stops and customized pamphlets for each location).

TWLOHA - Anis Mojgani 002 TWLOHA 005 TWLOHA - Anis Mojgani 003 TWLOHA - Jamie Tworkowski 002

To Write Love On Her Arms is a great organization aimed at providing a way for people to find help when in need, but also to encourage people to be the help that someone else may be looking for. With such a positive mission and amazing supporters, it’s no surprise as to why they were awarded the grant and were able to bring such an amazing show on the road.

Thank to Rachel for setting me up for tonight. I had a great time and walked away with a VERY positive outlook. This tour is doing its job!