Vinnie Caruana 001

First off, that name is UNOFFICIAL… but I needed to add some kind of venue name. My good friends Felicia and Carly moved to a new spot. While it was tough saying farewell to the good old Casa de Avalanche and all its crazy memories (click the link if you don’t know what I’m alluding to), a new home means new stories to tell.

Breaking-in the new house was John Langan (the Motorcycle Industry, Perfect Attendance). John belted out very heartfelt lyrics over catchy melodies to the show’s early birds. One thing you tend to forget after not going to a house/small show for a while is how intimate the performance is. You really connect with the energy of the performer. The close quarters can be awkward sometimes, but being able to interact with the people “on stage” is one of the best parts of house shows.

John Langan 002 John Langan 001 John Langan 005

Kristia Moya (Deadringer) was up next and brought a slightly faster sound to the house’s walls. It was cool to see Deadringer’s pop-punk energy scaled down to a lone acoustic while still being able to convey the same feeling. With the crowd growing inside of the room and slowly creeping closer to the music source, Kristia sweet voice rang out over driving guitar rhythms to get everyone ready for the final act of the night.

Dead Ringer 004 Dead Ringer 008 Dead Ringer 006

Vinnie Caruana (the Movielife, I Am the Avalanche) is no stranger to these intimate settings, and you can tell right away as he invited everyone closer and was immediately engulfed. Even with this complete lack of space, Vinnie spared nothing in belting out a full set of tunes. Every song was an obvious favorite as everyone lent their voices to match the sound of the PA. With the temperature in the room reaching typical CDA heat, Vinnie ended his set but still took the time to talk to anyone that stuck around.

Vinnie Caruana 005 Vinnie Caruana 008 Vinnie Caruana 011 Vinnie Caruana 015 Vinnie Caruana 018 Vinnie Caruana 023

As always, Thanks to Felicia and Carly for opening up their new and footprint-ceiling-free home to complete strangers to enjoy some great music at a great price.