The Story So Far 011

It’s been a while since I shot something to post up on here. It’s a little weird that I have two consecutive posts for the Story So Far, but that’s the way things panned out. Anyway, the show was PACKED! There were way more people than last time and it was a lot crazier. Good times and a legitimate scare for everyone made this a show to remember.

First up for me was Handguns. I have to thank Vivian’s posts about them and a suggestion on for getting me into these guys. Even with new members, the chemistry between the players comes off really well. They played to the crowd with great energy and got everyone involved. Stage dives and sing-alongs were of course on order for the night and by the looks on people’s faces, good times were had by all.

Handguns 005 Handguns 009 Handguns 015 Handguns 020 Handguns 012 Handguns 003 Handguns 018 Handguns 026

Up next was Heartsounds. I was really happy to see this band again, especially since last time Laura was under the weather and eventually lost her voice mid-set. Everything was on point this time around and they put on one hell of a performance. Fast rhythms, shredding guitar riffs, and the dynamic of dual vocals were standout characteristics of their set. Their new album “Drifter” is out now on Epitaph. Pick it up!

Heartsounds 009 Heartsounds 014 Heartsounds 012 Heartsounds 016 Heartsounds 001 Heartsounds 023 Heartsounds 036 Heartsounds 034 Heartsounds 031

Closing out the night to a highly anxious crowd was The Story So Far. Parker put it out to the crowd that he needed help singing since his voice was shot and the crowd definitely answered the call. I didn’t get any pictures from my original position in front of the stage since the audience just exploded once they started playing. I think Cobalt’s sound engineer/stage security/stage manager said it best: “I’ve never had to work THAT hard for a show.” The stage was a complete scene of chaos but the band managed to play through it all putting on an exciting, energetic performance. Friends kept the stage clear for the band to move and even jumped on the mic to give Parker a break. Probably the scariest moment I’ve ever witnessed at a show came during the last two songs of the set. Parker and Kelen jumped out into the crowd as they’ve done before. Parker returned to the stage safely, but Kelen wasn’t as lucky. It was a split-second event resulting in Kelen holding his head and then collapsing into the hands of fans and band members. He was laying out on stage with his bandmates surrounding him while the crowd waited silently to see if he was okay. Hearing “that was metal as fuck!” ensured the crowd that he was conscious and good enough to finish the set (he was rushed to the hospital immediately after the set and the band later tweeted that he was going to be fine). This band brings an insane amount of showmanship to their performances. Be sure to catch them when they steam roll through your city!

The Story So Far 007 The Story So Far 034 The Story So Far 010 The Story So Far 012 The Story So Far 028 The Story So Far 004 The Story So Far 022 The Story So Far 014 The Story So Far 039The Story So Far 044 The Story So Far 048 The Story So Far 051 The Story So Far 029

Thanks to Kelly for driving and to Anthony and Chester for in-car-entertainment. Big hugs to all the friends I saw tonight! It’s always good to see you guys with smiles on your faces.