The Story So Far 015

2 long drives in a row? Well at least this wasn’t the week of Carmageddon because I definitely would have missed out on a great show at the Cobalt.

I got lucky and found parking as soon as I pulled up, just in time to see I Call Fives take the stage. I first heard of these guys through a suggestion on and got immediately hooked. My excitement to see them perform was greeted by a fun, fast-paced set. The audience was obviously already pumped from previous bands and the energy carried into I Call Fives’ performance. People were eager to sing-along and stage dive (this is still funny to me since Cobalt’s stage is about 6 inches tall) and they were more than welcome to by the band. Check this band out if you’re into really catchy pop punk.

I Call Fives 009 I Call Fives 018 I Call Fives 028 I Call Fives 031 I Call Fives 008 I Call Fives 022 I Call Fives 002

We are the Union stepped up next. This band is incredibly fun to watch, not just for the band themselves but the way the audience reacts: circle pits, skanking, and tons of singing along. A lot of bands can’t pull off good banter in between songs, but these guys are so natural with their fans that the audience stays involved throughout the set. The light-hearted chemistry between band members is great as well and totally adds to the fun atmosphere during their performance. I love ska (what’s up fellow marching band geeks?!) but I know a lot of people turn away as soon as they see any kind of horn section. My advice is to give these guys a chance and they will definitely give you an awesome show.

We Are the Union 030 We Are the Union 007 We Are the Union 017 We Are the Union 003 We Are the Union 020 We Are the Union 004 We Are the Union 010 We Are the Union 022 We Are the Union 024

Closing out was the much anticipated performance from The Story So Far. The room was packed and ready to get out of control at this point. As soon as they launched into their first song, The Story So Far got the room moving for the microphone. Kids were climbing onto each other, jumping off the stage, getting pushed onto the stage, falling over each other… all with smiles on their faces! The crowd was nuts and The Story So Far just rolled with it all. They kept the energy high on stage with a lot of attitude and really played their hearts out. By the end of the set, it seemed like everyone had gotten some air flying into the crowd including members of the band. The crowd begged for one more song after their set and The Story So Far delivered to the delight of fans. This was truly an amazing way to end the night.

The Story So Far 017 The Story So Far 004 The Story So Far 019 The Story So Far 013 The Story So Far 008 The Story So Far 038 The Story So Far 016 The Story So Far 035 The Story So Far 039 The Story So Far 030 The Story So Far 023

I saw so many friends that I haven’t seen in a while and it was great to see each and every one of you! See you at the next sweat box!