Seahaven 020

I haven’t gone out to Pomona for a while but it was nice to get out there to hang with friends and see some great bands. Mixtapes and Seahaven put on great sets that really got the crowd moving and totally made it worth my drive up.

First up for me was Mixtapes. I had only heard a few of their songs before tonight but it was enough to get me excited for their set. Their high-energy, sing-along-inducing songs were mainly short and sweet. This kept the crowd bouncing around from start to finish of their set. Mixtapes is a fun band that takes the time to talk to their fans between songs to lighten up the atmosphere. It felt like watching a friend’s band in a small room as you can share a laugh before completely losing yourself in the next song. Check these guys out soon!

Mixtapes 005 Mixtapes 008 Mixtapes 019 Mixtapes 020 Mixtapes 002 Mixtapes 009 Mixtapes 007

Headlining was local favorite Seahaven. You can tell these guys were happy to be playing a show close to home after being out on the road. The crowd returned the feeling by singing along to every song right up next to the stage. Seahaven has a new album coming out in the Fall and they showcased some new material for the audience. If it’s any indication of how the rest of the album is going to sound, it’s definitely on my must-have list for the year.

Seahaven 034 Seahaven 008 Seahaven 037 Seahaven 040 Seahaven 002 Seahaven 025 Seahaven 010 Seahaven 016

Big thanks to Aladdin Jr. II for hosting this show and SOS Booking for keeping the entrance fee low. Big hug to all my friends in attendance tonight!