Taking Back Sunday 013

I don’t know if it’s just because I was having a really good day, but I have to say that this was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen Taking Back Sunday put on. Sold out, packed, and full of excitement!

Colour Revolt warmed the crowd up with great vocals and catchy instrumentation. They didn’t have much room on stage but they definitely worked with what they had. The crowd was getting pretty hyped up on them as their set rolled on. Their live energy and music definitely caught my attention, so check these guys out when you get a chance!

Colour Revolt 002 Colour Revolt 005 Colour Revolt 004 Colour Revolt 009

One of my favorite bands, Thursday, hit the stage next. Their set began with an explosion of confetti that caught most of the room off guard. Although short-lived, I thought it was visually stunning to see the band through a veil of white paper floating through the air. Thursday played a good mix of old and new songs, but celebrating being a band for 13 years and still reeling off of “Full Collapse”‘s 10-year-mark, they made sure to emphasize older songs for their set. The audience was fully appreciative, lending their voices to the show. Geoff’s screams get more intense every time I see this band live, the emotion just pours out and the crowd goes nuts! Their set felt incredibly short and seemed to leave most people wanting much much more.

Thursday 003 Thursday 011 Thursday 028 Thursday 016 Thursday 010 Thursday 046 Thursday 031 Thursday 012 Thursday 018 Thursday 007

After the LONGEST fist-fight in the audience I’ve ever seen take place at House of Blues, Taking Back Sunday emerged on stage. Of all the times I’ve seen Taking Back Sunday, hands-down this was the best I’ve ever seen them. The original lineup does wonders for on-stage chemistry. The band plays off of the crowd so much that the entire venue couldn’t help but be involved in the show. Newer songs were played but, just as with Thursday, the old songs were king as far as crowd reaction. As if that weren’t enough, they surprised the crowd by covering Straylight Run’s “Existentialism on Prom Night”. Surrounded by erratic lighting, Adam roamed the stage barefoot, getting as close to the fans as he possibly could and swinging the microphone as only he knows how. Eventually this wasn’t enough and he ended up making his way around the entire venue floor for the last songs of their set (yes, with a wired microphone)! He even asked a bartender for a shot of Jack before the band ended with the crowd-favorite “Cute without the ‘E'”. A final shower of confetti brought this absolutely amazing show to a close.

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A huge thank-you goes out to my dear friend Felicia for hooking me up for tonight. Be safe on the road!