Title Fight 002

I’m just going to come right out and say I’m not proud of my photos from tonight. Tonight was an example where listening to and watching the show held a higher priority than battling for photos. Sorry, folks!

I was in the will call line trying to get my ticket while Dead End Path was finishing up their set, so Shook Ones were first on the stage for me. I’ve been waiting to see these guys for a long time and they didn’t disappoint me. Their energy was high and so was the crowd’s. Kids were flying off the stage, jumping at the mic, and screaming along at the the top of their lungs. There was some dead air between songs, but I felt like Shook Ones were just saving their energy for actually playing tunes. This definitely went over well with me and I’m looking forward to seeing them live sometime soon.

Shook Ones 009 Shook Ones 005 Shook Ones 002 Shook Ones 007 Shook Ones 008

The Menzingers are another group I’ve been wanting to watch live. I don’t know if it was the crowd, the band and their songs, or a combination but this is some of the most fun I’ve had during a set. There weren’t as many stage dives as for Shook Ones. Instead, the crowd up front seemed more concerned with dancing, jumping, and singing. I LOVED IT! The Menzingers looked like they were having a great time on stage, definitely a band you don’t want to miss live.

The Menzingers 003 The Menzingers 002 The Menzingers 031 The Menzingers 004

Touche Amore was up next. Give it up for homecourt advantage, but these guys stole the show. By this time, you can tell Chain Reaction was sold out: Wall-to-wall with people and even the stage was packed with photographers (‘sup friends!) and spectators. Every single audience member had eyes locked on the stage, Touche Amore’s stage presence just absolutely demands it. These guys really know how to work the stage and the crowd was losing their minds from start to finish. Touche Amore put on one hell of a show that was topped off by the stage being filled with fans. It was insane!

Touche Amore 002 Touche Amore 006 Touche Amore 005 Touche Amore 008 Touche Amore 007

Title Fight came on to close out the night. Title Fight definitely claimed the stage dive award as kids went flying off the stage as if they were part of an assembly line. It was non-stop! People were bouncing off walls, jumping off of monitors, and just basically trying to outdo each other in the air. The band was feeding off of their fans as they went through a mixed setlist of new and old material. Their set seemed short, but despite this feeling Title Fight put on a great set.

Title Fight 003 Title Fight 001 Title Fight 005

I know I dropped the ball on covering this show. Sorry friends!