Silverstein 025

(Featuring: Texas in July, The Swellers, Polar Bear Club, Bayside, Silverstein) I haven’t been to a Take Action Tour since Every Time I Die invited the entire House of Blues on stage. While this show wasn’t nearly as insane, it was definitely fun and entertaining. The best thing about the Take Action Tour is that the bands are able to bring awareness of topics to young music fans. This year, with the help of Sex, Etc., improving teen sexual health was the mission of the tour. With the bands bringing attention to the cause between songs, and the Sex, Etc. booth set up right next to the band merch, the point was definitely driven home.

Before the show I caught up with Chris from Polar Bear Club and asked him what the first band, Texas in July, was like. I hadn’t had a chance to listen to them before the show so, hearing “They’re like August Burns Red, Jr.” sparked my interest. No exaggeration. These guys bring an energy, sound, and performance that screams ABR. I love a good guitar-shredding set so Texas in July definitely gets my stamp of approval. Insane amount of talent for such a young band.

Texas in July 009 Texas in July 025 Texas in July 007 Texas in July 011 Texas in July 016

Up next was the Swellers. I’ve seen these guys live quite a bit now but this was probably one of their best performances for me. Their playing was tighter than ever and their stage presence was awesome. It’s good to see these guys having fun while the crowd sings along.

The Swellers 005 The Swellers 009 The Swellers 016 The Swellers 003 The Swellers 012 The Swellers 022

Polar Bear Club. These guys just get better every time I see them. Even with a fill-in drummer (who learned their songs while on tour), the chemistry of their sound was absolutely top-notch. These guys took command of the large stage and judging by their smiles they were having a blast. I was really happy to see the crowd getting into it as well. Clapping, singing, cheering… all that was missing was some stage dive action.

Polar Bear Club 023 Polar Bear Club 045 Polar Bear Club 021 Polar Bear Club 039 Polar Bear Club 011 Polar Bear Club 004 Polar Bear Club 012 Polar Bear Club 016 Polar Bear Club 038

Bayside came on and really got things going. Despite most of the backline being gone from stage, they stuck to the front edge to be up close with the fans. Their high-energy performance really fed into the crowd’s movements. I even got slapped a couple of times by some fans’ swinging hands (this hasn’t happened in a long time). Judging by the amount of “melting face” pictures I got, you can tell Bayside was really feeling the music as they performed.

Bayside 009 Bayside 002 Bayside 028 Bayside 007 Bayside 026 Bayside 014 Bayside 022 Bayside 015

Silverstein came on to close out the night. As they walked onto the dark stage, the audience let out a deafening scream. There were a lot of younger fans in the crowd so the energy level was still high. With a wild show of lights, Silverstein put on an action-packed performance that took up the entire stage. The audience responded by singing along, crowd surfing, and just basically going all out to the music. The lighting was erratic and the band really was all over the place so it was really hard to photograph them. But in the end, that definitely made for a much more interesting live performance.

Silverstein 002 Silverstein 008 Silverstein 016 Silverstein 003 Silverstein 021 Silverstein 022 Silverstein 029

Thanks to Nate from Polar Bear Club for setting me up with the pass for tonight. I’m definitely looking forward to the new album and tour in the Fall! It was great to hang with friends both old and new… see you all next show!