The Movielife 008

CDA is my new favorite “venue”. Yes it’s a small living room, there’s no stage, and I’m sure demons from Hell would complain about how hot it is inside. But none of that matters when you have quality acts playing an intimate setting for a low entry fee.

The show got off to a late start as things were still being prepared inside the house while an earlier in-store performance was running long. Once the doors opened up, kids flowed into the living room staking out the best possible spots. Felicia laid down the sit-down rule in order to give everyone the opportunity to see and things got underway.

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Before Vinnie or Brandon played, Polar Bear Club got up for a surprise set. They were originally supposed to play another house show in Fresno (I believe), but those plans were scrapped so they had an extra day in Los Angeles. They played a short but fun set to warm the crowd up for the main show. These guys are personally one of my favorites so it’s always a treat to see them perform. It was my first time seeing them perform an acoustic set so it was definitely a fun experience.

Polar Bear Club 004 Polar Bear Club 026 Polar Bear Club 029 Polar Bear Club 008 Polar Bear Club 010 Polar Bear Club 019

Brandon stepped up to the stool next to perform a solo set. People were excited to sing along, but once the applause after songs ended there was an odd silence. Brandon took the opportunity to crack subtle jokes while tuning his guitar which actually got a lot of laughs. He even challenged a girl to finish a bottle of Jack after joking about this being the quietest house party. This cut some of the tension and people opened up to sing more.

Brandon Reilly 003 Brandon Reilly 011 Brandon Reilly 004 Brandon Reilly 009 Brandon Reilly 012 Brandon Reilly 013

Brandon introduced Vinnie to do a solo set. The excitement in the room rose a bit and the sing-alongs got even louder. It’s amazing to see Vinnie put as much passion into an acoustic performance as he would a full band set. With that, the crowd also gave him the same amount of energy.

Vinnie Caruana 006 Vinnie Caruana 016 Vinnie Caruana 007 Vinnie Caruana 003 Vinnie Caruana 005 Vinnie Caruana 010 Vinnie Caruana 012

Vinnie seemed excited to get through his solo set and onto the Movielife portion of the show. He and Brandon set up and the room was buzzing with excitement. “Any requests?” started a slow shout fest of song titles and you really get the feeling of how much of an impact the Movielife had on people. With a bottle of Stella in hand, Vinnie continued the high-energy vocal performance with his good friend Brandon ripping away at the strings. No matter what Vinnie and Brandon played, the CDA living room was ready to sing along. Playful banter between songs went along well with the intimate setting of the show. I’m sure fans were able to appreciate the interaction both during and in between songs.

The Movielife 001 The Movielife 005 The Movielife 010 The Movielife 013The Movielife 009 The Movielife 015 The Movielife 002

The house cleared out pretty quickly after the show with just the performers and some friends hanging around and cleaning things up. Jokes and hugs over pasta rounded out one of the best nights at CDA.

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Tonight would not have been possible if it weren’t for Felicia and Carly’s love of music and generosity in opening their home to a bunch of strangers. Thanks ladies!