Seahaven 005

Great things can come from anywhere. Sometimes we forget this or simply don’t think about it too much. Such was the case when I found out Seahaven is from Torrance (the next city over from my home in Carson). Needless to say it felt funny having driven up to Silverlake to watch a show featuring bands that live within mere miles of my house. But of course I appreciated the chance to get out of my stomping grounds and hang out with friends.

First up was hip-hop act, Poets of Abstract. I still listen to hip-hop but I haven’t actively watched any live performances in a while, so this was a refreshing set. The trio seemed pretty introverted between songs, but once the beats dropped they switched into performance mode: Never missing a line or stumbling over words no matter how fast the delivery. What I liked most about this group was their humble demeanor (I’ve seen too many rappers with huge egos despite the fact that no one has ever heard of them). Poets of Abstract didn’t need to be flashy, they let their music do all the necessary shining.

Poets of Abstract 009 Poets of Abstract 006 Poets of Abstract 010 Poets of Abstract 001 Poets of Abstract 011

Filling the living room next was Yesterdays. I had never heard them before tonight, but I was more than pleased with their sound. They were very relaxed in front of an audience and I thoroughly enjoyed the dual vocals. These guys were able to show off their voices and playing ability with complete control. Sometimes I get caught up in listening to songs with guitars that drive from start to finish, but these guys are a reminder that held-out chords are equally as powerful. I was absolutely lost in the sounds and I can’t wait to see these guys again.

Yesterdays 018 Yesterdays 007 Yesterdays 015 Yesterdays 004 Yesterdays 013 Yesterdays 010

Finishing out the night was Seahaven. I missed the last time they came through CDA so I was pretty excited to see them live. Needless to say, they didn’t disappoint. Their songs are emotionally charged and it comes out in their performance. Despite the cramped space, they put on a great show complete with the audience singing along. Seahaven had to speed through their set in order to end the show at a reasonable time. This ended up being a “more rock, less talk” situation which kept the energy in the living room high. Of course, their set had to come to an end but it definitely left everyone wanting just one more song.

Seahaven 014 Seahaven 021 Seahaven 012 Seahaven 016 Seahaven 013 Seahaven 004

I have to extend my gratitude to Felicia and Carly for holding shows at their house. If you attend a show at CDA, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remember that someone lives there. Common sense, courtesy, and respect for the house and the neighborhood will ensure that shows continue to happen there.

Thanks to Ashley for riding up and hanging out with me. To the boys putting it down for the South Bay – great performances! Again, thanks to the residents of CDA for giving people a place to watch shows up close.