Being that this is my first post of the new year… HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2010 ended quietly for me as far as shows, so I’m happy to be back into the swing of things here.

Such Gold 008

The Cobalt Cafe is a ways off from Carson, but when I saw this show was the closest Such Gold was coming to me I had to make the drive. If you’ve heard any of their songs, you know it was a worthwhile decision!

When I first got to Cobalt, the Sheds were about to take the stage. These guys from Agoura hills bring a fun atmosphere to the stage. Mixing ska and hardcore elements, they have a unique sound that everyone can enjoy. They wanted to write their performance off since they did two cover songs (which they admitted to be lame), but everyone was appreciative of the good time! The Sheds’ energy on stage really got the room warmed up for the last two bands of the night.

The Sheds 004 The Sheds 006 The Sheds 008 The Sheds 010 The Sheds 014 The Sheds 011

Rust Belt Lights was ending their tour with Such Gold tonight. They caught my attention from the moment their first song started up and I’m sure everyone in the room felt the same way. The crowd was going nuts singing along and jumping around. This seemed to get the band riled up as they took to the air as well. Their music is great and their performance was fun to watch… definitely have to check these guys out again in the future.

Rust Belt Lights 008 Rust Belt Lights 005 Rust Belt Lights 003 Rust Belt Lights 010 Rust Belt Lights 007

I missed out on the last time Such Gold came through town so I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity again. Everyone was already anxious for their performance so it’s no surprise that the floor erupted with movement once they started playing. Kids sang along, jumped up onto each others’ shoulders, and even attempted a few stage dives (not necessarily the easiest stage to catch some air). The energy in the room was insane! Such Gold put on an amazing performance and I was wide-eyed the entire time. They’re off to Australia but I’m definitely looking forward to them coming back and destroying SoCal.

Such Gold 017 Such Gold 005 Such Gold 012 Such Gold 009 Such Gold 018 Such Gold 010 Such Gold 004 Such Gold 001

I hate shooting with flash but at Cobalt I can’t escape the practice. If you were blinded by my speedlight… I’M SORRY!