DK Wars 024

I’ve been bodyboarding on and off for a long time now (no need to question: I still suck). I’ve always loved dropknee riding because of the challenge and it feels good to ride. I was busy on the first DK Wars so I made sure to keep my day clear for the next event. The call went out and Salt Creek was the battle ground.

DK Wars is an underground “competition” judged by the riders. Everyone rides whenever and as much as they want within the contest time-frame. While watching, I almost forgot the riders were actually competing (mostly for bragging rights) because everyone seemed to be out just to score good waves. If anything, DK Wars was an entertaining excuse to get pros, amateurs, and spectators together for a fun Sunday morning at the beach.

DK Wars 002 DK Wars 005 DK Wars 003 DK Wars 028 DK Wars 026 DK Wars 031 DK Wars 022 DK Wars 012 DK Wars 010

I realize it’s January and other parts of the country are pretty much frozen, so I hope you enjoyed the photos and decided to come out to California. Derek and Ascot, it was great seeing you guys… it’s been too long.