Fireworks 025

I’ve been coming across a lot of great bands, lately. I have to give it up to a lot of the bands out there for taking each other out on the road. It seems like the lineups for a lot of shows are stacked with nothing but good times.

First up for me this night was Transit. As the show got closer, I’d been hearing a lot about them and was really excited to see them perform. I wasn’t the only one as the crowd wasted no time jumping on and off of the stage the second music filled the room. Transit had a lot of energy backed with extremely catchy songs. The audience singing along to every word was definitely a sign to keep an eye on this band.

Transit 011 Transit 002 Transit 010

Up next was Man Overboard. I only got one solid photo of these guys as the crowd had already gotten extremely physical. There were a lot of stage dives and mosh moves, something I wasn’t completely expecting given Man Overboard’s poppier sound. There were, of course, people there singing along with the clean and pleasing vocals coming from the band.

Man Overboard 001

The last opener for the night was The Swellers. I had to leave early during their Warped Tour set so I was happy I’d get to see a full performance tonight. I was expecting more people to stay in during their performance, but a lot of fans needed a break after the first 2 bands on the tour. I’ve always liked The Swellers’ up-tempo songs and vocals and it’s great to see it live. The crowd responded well, singing along to many favorites including a cover of Lagwagon’s “May 16”.

The Swellers 029 The Swellers 013 The Swellers 019 The Swellers 021

Chain Reaction packed up again for the headliners, Fireworks. With fresh legs and a second breath, the audience was ready. More stage dives and definitely the loudest vocal response for the night. The crowd was having a great time singing along and you could tell the band was feeding off of this energy. Making use of the small stage, Fireworks threw it all out with jumps and really getting into the audience’s face. I’ve seen these guys play as support for many bands so it was awesome to see them fully enjoying their first headlining tour. By the end of the night, the crowd couldn’t contain themselves and the band was surrounded by fans for the last song.

Fireworks 007 Fireworks 004 Fireworks 016 Fireworks 020 Fireworks 027 Fireworks 030

The “All I Have Left to Offer is This Tour” Tour is continuing to steam roll through the US. Check any of the bands’ Myspace pages for tour dates.