Thrice 076

I’ve been a Thrice for almost 10 years now and I’m continuously amazed at how this band keeps evolving. One thing that hasn’t changed is that they always seem to bring great acts with them on tour. SUch was the case with their home show at the Fox Theater in Pomona.

Getting things started was the Dig from New York. Their mellow indie sound was well received by the audience. While it was clear that this band was new to many people (myself included) it didn’t take away from their performance. The stage at the Fox is huge and the Dig moved around as much as they could to fill up the space and play to the crowd. What really put their performance over the top was being joined by members of the other bands (an action that would be repeated multiple times that night).

The Dig 001 The Dig 027 The Dig 004 The Dig 022 The Dig 011 The Dig 039

Up next was Bad Veins, a duo from Ohio. Their upbeat music reminded me a lot of the Helio Sequence. The band’s equipment was pushed all the way up to the front of the stage enabling them to get as personal with the audience as possible. This gave drummer Sebastien Schultz a lot of face time with the crowd (something that drummers don’t necessarily get to enjoy). One very interesting thing about the group is the use of a reel-to-reel player to aid in covering the band’s other instrumentation. As opposed to electronic samples, the warm analog sounds filled in between the keyboards, guitars and drums.

Bad Veins 015 Bad Veins 006 Bad Veins 023 Bad Veins 042 Bad Veins 028 Bad Veins 016 Bad Veins 040

Hitting the stage before Thrice was Kevin Devine and the Goddamn Band. I haven’t seen them since they came through the area with Brand New so it was great to see them perform again. Kevin Devine’s signature voice floated over the band’s on-point musical talents. It was great to hear people sing along and show a genuine excitement for them. The band’s chemistry on stage further heightened the energy from the crowd. Whether he’s performing by himself or with the Goddamn Band, Kevin Devine is a musical powerhouse and is someone you don’t want to miss live.

Kevin Devine 043 Kevin Devine 012 Kevin Devine 022 Kevin Devine 056 Kevin Devine 053 Kevin Devine 062 Kevin Devine 066 Kevin Devine 071

The energy level before Thrice took the stage was intense with a packed audience chanting out their name. Finally the lights went out and Thrice took the stage exploding into their first song. Pulling from their expansive catalogue, Thrice continued on for an hour and a half with songs ranging from the soft and melodic to fast and heavy. The crowd was the loudest they had been all night singing out each song word-for-word. The real treat for fans came in the form of “To Awake and Avenge the Dead” off of The Illusion of Safety. With blistering guitar reefs and heavy vocals, the crowd lost their minds at hearing the old favorite.

Thrice 001 Thrice 010 Thrice 014 Thrice 040 Thrice 067 Thrice 080 Thrice 041 Thrice 074 Thrice 034 Thrice 088

Thrice put on a great show and it’s always cool to see all the bands on a tour interacting together. Whether it’s coming out to play additional instruments, lend a voice, or simply throw water out to the audience, it adds to the show and gives the audience a cool and unexpected experience.

Thanks to: Amy from Charm School PR for getting things organized for me, the Fox/ Glasshouse staff for being the cool folks they are, the guy who found my lens cap on the ground, and my friends for saying hi and hanging out while out of the photo pit.