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Obviously I’ve been away from shows for a while. A lot of good bands came through over the past couple of months but I had to sacrifice the good times to study for my last Spring semester at Cal State, Long Beach. I still have some summer classes to finish, but yes… I’m basically done. And what better way to get back into the live music scene than with my friends in Polar Bear Club!

I hadn’t been to Chain Reaction since my birthday back in January, so it was good to get into the small venue and have some fun. The night started off with a bang as Living With Lions came onto the stage and rocked the faces off of the audience. I love being surrounded by people singing along in a small venue, the energy in the room becomes indescribable. Living With Lions was truly enjoying this last night of the tour and did a great job of transferring that feeling out to the people that came out to see them. They had no problem getting into the faces of fans or sharing the microphone. Their catchy melodies force you to sing along and coupled with an entertaining stage show, Living with Lions is a band you don’t want to miss seeing live.

Living With Lions 003 Living With Lions 017 Living With Lions 031 Living With Lions 027 Living With Lions 048

One of Bridge 9’s newest lineup additions, Lemuria, hit the stage next. I had only listened to a couple of their songs online before seeing them tonight so their music was pretty much new to me.They mellowed things out a bit, but still kept the audience entertained. They marked an obvious diversity in the show amongst not just the bands but the fans as well as people from the back made their way toward the stage. While definitely not as rowdy as with Living with Lions, fans responded well by singing along and keeping their eyes glued on the trio. Lemuria’s songs are definitely pleasing to the ears whether recorded or live, so be sure to watch out for their Bridge 9 debut album in the future.

Lemuria 001 Lemuria 017 Lemuria 014 Lemuria 004 Lemuria 019 Lemuria 009

Up next was Moving Mountains. This band reminded me of the Receiving End of Sirens with epic guitar sounds and haunting vocal melodies. Again, quite different from the headliners but still very entertaining live. Like Lemuria, I can understand how difficult it is for Moving Mountains to really go wild when you’re behind both instruments and mic stands. Having a vocalist that isn’t stuck behind a mic stand definitely gives other bands an advantage when it comes to hyping up an audience, but Moving Mountains definitely holds it down on stage!

Moving Mountains 001 Moving Mountains 010 Moving Mountains 013 Moving Mountains 014 Moving Mountains 008 Moving Mountains 019

Polar Bear Club hit the stage to the delight of everyone in the audience. I’ve seen these guys plenty of times to know that they will consistently give you a good show. Fans didn’t hesitate to jump up on/ off stage or sing along, itching for the microphone to be pointed in their direction. Bands like Polar Bear Club feed off this energy and it shows in the live action on stage. Every song was apparently someone’s favorite as the crowd reaction to each introduction was big enough to blow the doors off of the venue. A real crowd pleaser: PBC’s cover of “Ten Minutes” by the Get Up Kids. The crowd went completely ape-shit and everyone had a smile on their face.

Polar Bear Club 005 Polar Bear Club 014 Polar Bear Club 022 Polar Bear Club 056 Polar Bear Club 028 Polar Bear Club 038 Polar Bear Club 099

After speaking with Chris (guitarist) after the show, he mentioned that this was probably the best Chain Reaction show PBC ever played. It was definitely a lot of fun for everyone in the room. Be sure to check them out during the next few weeks on the Vans Warped Tour!

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Hi to Vince, Felicia, Carly, Tara, and Tracker. Thanks to Polar Bear Club for always being awesome dudes. Special thanks to Nate for trying to help me save some $$. For Living With Lions, Lemuria, and Moving Mountains: have a safe trip out from SoCal it was great to watch you all.