It’s hard to think that I was popping New Found Glory’s self titled album into my CD player 10 years ago. 10 years is a long time, but with songs that people can relate to regardless of age it’s easy to see why this show and this tour was able to happen at all. The House of Blues, Anaheim was packed and with good reason!

Opening up the night’s schedule was Fireworks. This young Detroit band is reminiscent of New Found Glory’s older work with catchy choruses and high-energy songs. They fit right in at the start of the show. I first saw them last summer and they’ve only gotten better. Their sound was tight and stage presence was through the roof! They definitely fit in with the audience’s taste and the crowd immediately warmed up to their music. The many fans that came out early were eagerly singing along with every word.

Fireworks 044 Fireworks 023 Fireworks 029 Fireworks 011 Fireworks 005 Fireworks 040

Up next were the locals: Hellogoodbye. Their infectious electro-pop sound kept the audience moving. With Fireworks being the newest band in the lineup, this is where I noticed the age range in the audience. Hellogoodbye has been around for a while and being locals, there was a great deal of singing along from the audience. Young, old… the fans were out singing and dancing along. Of course, Hellogoodbye didn’t hesitate to joke around at any time during their set. Whether it was talking about porn sites between songs or interjecting the Seinfeld theme song during their songs, these guys kept the atmosphere fun and light.

Hellogoodbye 027 Hellogoodbye 021 Hellogoodbye 025 Hellogoodbye 043 Hellogoodbye 035

A real treat for any of the older fans in attendance was Saves the Day. Playing to a wide range of ages in attendance, there wasn’t a quiet song during this set. Saves the Day threatened to give New Found Glory a run for their money when it came to the volume of people singing along. The atmosphere in the room just seemed to explode with Chris Conley (the only original member of the band) behind the microphone. Dancing, singing, even a little crowd surfing helped to build the bottled up energy in the venue. The crowd begged and pleaded for one more song as their set finished, but Saves the Day could only graciously wave and thank the audience for the support.

Saves the Day 026 Saves the Day 035 Saves the Day 002 Saves the Day 025 Saves the Day 014

The bursting point of excitement finally arrived in the form of Miley Cyrus’ Party in the USA. Only New Found Glory would open their set with this over the PA… and only New Found Glory could get away with it! Playing their entire self-titled album in order from start to finish was the only way to really do this anniversary right. No surprises for the regular set, it was like putting that CD into my boombox 10 years ago… but BETTER. New Found Glory is a veteran band. They’ve toured the world and their experience really shows on stage. They know how to work a stage better than a lot of bands out there (which works out well with a crowded and cramped photo pit).

New Found Glory 010 New Found Glory 019 New Found Glory 004 New Found Glory 037 New Found Glory 003 New Found Glory 071 New Found Glory 016

This set was obviously about the fans with every word being sung louder than I’ve ever heard at any show I’ve been to. Fingers pointed and fists flew into the air in unison… This was definitely the most power-packed show I’ve seen in a long time. I’ve watched New Found Glory quite a few times before and they show absolutely no signs of slowing down their pace. Why would they? They’re having too much fun! Every band member was genuinely having a good time and you could tell the feeling spread out through the audience.

New Found Glory 040 New Found Glory 022 New Found Glory 034 New Found Glory 055 New Found Glory 080 New Found Glory 087

After going through the entire self-titled album, New Found Glory made sure there was something for everyone by playing an encore set consisting of songs from every full-length album they’ve released since the self-titled album (no covers, but it was fun nonetheless!).

New Found Glory 102 New Found Glory 107 New Found Glory 025 New Found Glory 062 New Found Glory 112 New Found Glory 093

New Found Glory is a guaranteed fun ride so make sure you catch them when they come around your town. Pick up their latest Not Without a Fight on Epitaph Records now!

Thanks to Jamie from Epitaph for the hook up and the HOB Anaheim staff for always being nice. Thanks to Byron for letting me borrow the lens! Hi to all my friends that were at the show! a HUGE thank you to New Found Glory for existing, it’s always a pleasure to watch you guys perform.