Thrice live at the Avalon

Scroll, scroll, scroll… click…. click. I see it all the time wherever I’m walking: People cycling through their MP3 players trying to find a song to fit their mood. Don’t worry, I’m guilty of it as well. But one thing that seems to stand out to me is that one band can cover an entire array of feelings and situations — Southern California’s own, Thrice.

After sitting in Los Angeles’ trademark traffic and catching up with friends at the venue, I was escorted to the front of the Palace’s stage anxiously awaiting Thrice’s entrance. I had ruined the surprise for myself that guitarist Teppei Teranishi had returned to the tour after leaving briefly for a family emergency, but I was still pumped to see the band perform as a whole.

Thrice 023

With the strong smell of insense in the air, the lights went out and the crowd’s volume went to 11. Shadowy figures calmly walked out on stage before dim lights slowly revealed their faces. An extra sense of excitement shot through the air as the audience realized Teppei was on stage.

Thrice 001 Thrice 003 Thrice 008 Thrice 004

“Of Dust and Nations” (off of 2005’s Vheissu) started the night’s mix in a great direction. The band tried to cater to all of the fans in attendance by playing obvious fan favorites such as “Deadbolt” (off of 2002’s The Illusion of Safety) and “The Artist in the Ambulance” (the title track from their 2003 LP). Anyone who has seen Thrice live or even picked up the Live at the House of Blues CD/ DVD knows the show-staples inside and out. But songs from Thrice’s latest release, Beggars, as well a few songs that hadn’t made the stage yet brought the performance full circle.

Thrice 027 Thrice 013

Unconventional timing and multi-layered song structures allowed each member to show a mastery of their instrument. The skill to not only write these songs but have the capacity to perform them live is truly a testament to their abilities.

Thrice 020 Thrice 031 Thrice 037 Thrice 034

Heavy audience-participation during “The Earth Will Shake” was a great way to close out the night. Fans from all walks of life singing along with the band provided one of those goose bump moments I’ll always remember. Thrice has definitely grown since their early days playing local college quads and I, along with many other fans, can’t wait to see what comes out next from these musical masterminds.

Thrice 018Thrice 012

Special thanks to Nate from Polar Bear Club and Tracker for hooking me up on the guestlist and credentials. I promise I got you guys next time you come around town.