Bridge 9 Tour

For the past couple of weekends I’d been to the Hollywood Palladium for some sold out shows. It’s always interesting to watch a show at a large venue and then go to a smaller venue. The differences in the audiences are amazing and I truly appreciate being in a smaller venue like Chain Reaction surrounded by like-minded show-goers enjoying great live music. The Bridge 9 Tour brought the show atmosphere that I love — even if it was in the middle of a work/ school week!

I arrived after class so I missed out on seeing Ruiner. I actually walked into the doors of Chain Reaction just as they struck their last chord. The first band for me was Crime In Stereo. I first saw these guys back at the Glasshouse Record Store in Pomona. Their energy hasn’t faded since then. As I’ve come to expect, the audience was just as much a part of the show as the bands on stage. Kids piled on top of each other to get a few seconds on the mic or tumble off stage. It was rough, but no one really seemed to mind (you don’t see that kind of tolerance at other shows).

Crime in Stereo 006 Crime in Stereo 011 Crime in Stereo 014 Crime in Stereo 032 Crime in Stereo 026

Next up was Polar Bear Club. I’ve been shooting these guys a lot but their live show never gets old. When they get on stage, the place goes nuts. There were a lot more people out this time than the last time they visited Chain Reaction. Their tour support of other bands sure is paying off! Again, more gang vocals and stage dives rounded out the performance as they played songs from their first EP to their latest release, Chasing Hamburg. Another great performance from everyone in the room.

Polar Bear Club 014 Polar Bear Club 046 Polar Bear Club 048 Polar Bear Club 022 Polar Bear Club 047 Polar Bear Club 061 Polar Bear Club 057 Polar Bear Club 066 Polar Bear Club 008

Headliners Strike Anywhere were up next to close the night. The crowd got a little more aggressive but all in good spirits. The band responded by putting on a power-packed performance for the crowded pit of fans. Circle pits, stage dives, and a large collective voice must have been quite a spectacle to keep the band reaching through a career-spanning setlist. 10 years and Strike Anywhere is still delivering their music hard, much to the delight of their loyal fanbase in attendance.

Strike Anywhere 004 Strike Anywhere 010 Strike Anywhere 006 Strike Anywhere 021 Strike Anywhere 017 Strike Anywhere 038 Strike Anywhere 050 Strike Anywhere 052 Strike Anywhere 058

This was an amazing night and I’m glad I was able to get out to enjoy the good tunes. School and my day job have been taking up my time so I was happy to be able to hang out with friends and not worry about studying for a few hours. Please support these bands by going to their shows or picking up their latest releases:

Bridge 9 Tour 002

Shout out to the guys of Polar Bear Club and, of course, Tracker. See you guys in November!