Every Time I Die at the Glasshouse (by Bernard Delmundo)

After waking up from a nice Saturday afternoon nap, what’s the first thing I see on Twitter? “shit happens 2 being filmed tonight in pamona! so cal… bring your A game!” — @therealetid (I’ll overlook the misspelling). Every Time I die, camera crews… things were going to get nutty.

Things started off with a bang as Texas rockers Oh, Sleeper took to the stage. I had only heard this band online and I’ve always wondered what their live show was like. It definitely didn’t disappoint! Head banging, face melting, and fretboard-burning riffs… everything you would expect from a band like Oh, Sleeper. They have a very tight sound that transfers from recordings to the stage very well. Check out their latest album Son of the Morning on Solid State Records.

Oh, Sleeper 024 Oh, Sleeper 020 Oh, Sleeper 019 Oh, Sleeper 009 Oh, Sleeper 026 Oh, Sleeper 005

Up next was a highly-energetic crowd-pleaser, Bring Me the Horizon. A friend had introduced me to this band a couple of years back so it was cool to see them so close up. The last time I saw them, they were supporting Thursday on the Taste of Chaos tour and their following has definitely grown.

Bring Me the Horizon 015 Bring Me the Horizon 006 Bring Me the Horizon 017 Bring Me the Horizon 055 Bring Me the Horizon 043

There were a TON of excited people in the crowd screaming along to every single lyric from vocalist Oli Sykes, so much so that he barely had to have the mic to his mouth. BMTH put on a show. They bounced all over the stage, got into the face of fans, and even jumped off of speaker cabinets. Even if you’re not into their music you have to agree they were highly entertaining. Pick up their latest work Suicide Season available on Epitaph Records.

Bring Me the Horizon 052 Bring Me the Horizon 039 Bring Me the Horizon 036 Bring Me the Horizon 019

…And then it happened. Although members of the band were already on stage to help set up and soundcheck, the roof just about came off of the Glasshouse as all of the members of Every Time I Die officially walked in front of the audience. Everyone knew that Shit Happens 2 was being filmed, so the energy coming from either side of the railing was insane. Having been to quite a few of Every Time I Die’s shows, however, I can say that the crowd would have been just as nuts if the cameras weren’t there.

Every Time I Die017 Every Time I Die029 Every Time I Die003 Every Time I Die063

Bodies glided over heads as crowd surfers made their way to the stage (including guitarist Jordan Buckley who jumped into the crowd enough for me to lose count). Frontman Keith Buckley maintained control of the front of the stage, effortlessly switching between his growling screams and clean vocals. Josh Newton and Andy Williams had feet planted in power stances while hacking away at their instruments, much to the delight of head-bobbing fans. Everyone seemed comfortable on stage including Every Time I Die’s brand new drummer, Ryan Leger

Every Time I Die043 Every Time I Die038 Every Time I Die035 Every Time I Die032 Every Time I Die005

The crowd responded well to songs spanning the Every Time I Die discography including new songs off of their latest work New Junk Aesthetic (available NOW on Epitaph Records). This band feeds off of an audience’s energy, but it’s also refreshing that they’re willing to joke around with fans between songs. Keith wanted to recognize a pregnant fan that was really excited to see the show despite being due to give birth soon. “I hope hearing our music will help your baby come out with horns and a tail!” the audience cheered with laughter and approval “I’m kidding, I hope the baby is beautiful… although horns and a tail would be pretty beautiful!”

Every Time I Die034 Every Time I Die058 Every Time I Die008

Every Time I Die recognizes California as their second home and the audience welcomed them with moshing, singing/ screaming, and crowd surfing. All the guys had to do was ask. So it comes as no surprise that when Keith asked the audience to join them on stage, a large group jumped at the chance. I had seen this before at the House of Blues in Anaheim (who have since been a little wary of letting heavy acts play the venue) but didn’t get a chance to jump on stage with the band. I didn’t want to pass this opportunity up again. It was a great way to close the night… and of course Jordan had to get one last dive into the loving hands of fans.

Every Time I Die078 Every Time I Die088Every Time I Die094Every Time I Die100

Every Time I Die continues their tour of the US through October before going overseas for the European Rockstar Taste of Chaos tour. Check www.myspace.com/EveryTimeIDie for tour dates

Special thanks to Austin from Epitaph for hooking me up yet again. Happy Birthday, Courtney!