Teppe of Thrice

Like many people in SoCal, I’ve listened to and supported Thrice for a very long time. The opportunity to interview members of the band at Warped Tour presented itself so I jumped at the chance. This was meant to be a video interview, but after reviewing the video we realized the audio wasn’t so great — not to mention my friend Amanda and I were a little starstruck and it comes out in our voices. The transcript of our interview (to the best of my listening ability) with Teppei after the jump!

Public Waste: Could you introduce yourself for everyone?
Teppei Teranishi: Hey, I’m Teppei and I play guitar for Thrice.

PW: Alright cool. So since we’re at Warped Tour, are there any crazy stories that came up this time around?
TT: This time around? Not too many, really. We haven’t been on the whole thing. We did the first 10 shows or something… and then we’re home for the last few weeks and then just joined up for the last 5 dates. We haven’t really put too many shows under our belt for [Warped Tour] so nothing really crazy. At least nothing I can think of.

PW: What did you guys do while you were home? Were you working on stuff for Beggars?
TT: No, I was actually having a baby—not me personally! But my wife (laughs).

PW: Oh we heard about that! Congratulations!
TT: Thank you!

Warped Tour 055 ThricePW: We noticed during your off-time that Riley showed up at Brand New’s show at the Troubadour. You guys have a really good relationship with them. Is the touring situation something we can expect more of further down the line?
TT: Unfortunately, probably not too much. It’s just one of those things where you can’t always tour with the same bands. I mean… I think if we had our way we wouldn’t mind at all, but maybe once every few years if we’re lucky. Even us doing [this upcoming Fall tour], that’s pretty soon after the last one so that’s pretty rare. But we’ve known those guys for a really long time… Probably like 7 or 8 years now? Actually, our first ever headlining tour that we did, we did a couple of weeks on the East coast and we took [Brand New] out. It was [Thrice], Brand New, Coheed and Cambria when they first started, and a band called Recover. So that was probably – I’m really bad with time, but probably 6 or 7 years ago now.

PW: Is there anyone you haven’t toured with that you would like to tour with?
TT: Sure! Yea! There’s a lot of bands, but probably not a lot that we would actually work with.

PW: So with the new record, what can we expect as far as artwork, packaging, or any special deals?
TT: Well the record was released digitally about 2 weeks ago, and the physical release is coming September 15th. And obviously [the physical release] is going to have artwork with it that we’re really excited about. But beyond that, it’s going to come with a download card for five bonus tracks: 2 B-Sides – just 2 songs that didn’t make the record that we recorded when we wrote the record, 2 remixes, and a cover song.

Warped Tour 060 ThricePW: You’ve been recording and producing everything yourself lately. Is there anything that you know now that you wish you could have done on the previous albums?
TT: Not really. To be honest, Vheissu and everything that we’ve done with other producers were in more capable hands than us doing it ourselves. But it definitely took doing all those records and being a band for however long we’ve been to be able to get to where we are now, and to be able to record ourselves, and for me to gain the knowledge about how to engineer a record, and for us even to have the chemistry to work with each other without a producer.

PW: Have you been working with any other bands as far as producing?
TT: Yea, just here and there. I don’t have a lot of free time at all between the band and – actually I have two kids now, so there’s just no time whatsoever. Warped Tour 053 ThriceBut here and there just for some friends or some songs for a band called Aushua a while back. I’m actually working on recording a band called We Barbarians right now—just friends of ours. They’re a really cool band!

PW: We all know you’ve been working hard and non-stop over the last few years. Personally I would love to see you guys touring for a long time, but do you think after the Fall tour you’re going to take some time for yourselves and your family?
TT: You know, time off for us – even if we have a month off – it’s not enough. So yea, definitely here and there. But we’re going to be doing the Fall tour with Brand New and then probably take the rest of the year off. So we’ll have a month or two then go over to Europe and overseas. Then probably another US tour but nothing is really set in stone yet.

PW: Like you said, you don’t have a lot of off-time, so how do you guys make the most of it?
TT: For me it’s just playing “catch up” with the family… staying home and being Mr. Mom (laughs).

PW: Have you thought about taking the kids on tour? Or is that something you’d rather not do?
TT: It’s going to be hard now with two. When we just had one, my wife would come out and visit us and bring our kid so he’s been on tour quite a few times. But I don’t know what we’re going to do with two now, it’s going to be rough.

PW: So when you’re on tour and on a bus, are there any comfort-foods that you like to keep with you?
TT: Well there’s definitely comfort foods… I’m Japanese so I grew up in a Japanese household and grew up eating Japanese food and stuff. So for me that’s kind of the comfort-food, but it’s hard to find good Japanese food all over the place, you know? If I had good Japanese food wherever I went that would be good.

Warped Tour 088 ThricePW: Since you’ve been all over the world, is there any place in particular that you love to play?
TT: It’s hard to say because as far as shows go it really depends. There’s so many factors that make or break a show for me: obviously the audience, how I’m feeling that day specifically, or just the vibe of the stage or whatever. So you can come to a city and have a super awesome show one time, and then come back even a couple months later and have not such a good show. There’s just so many factors. But I like going to Europe. And Australia; I love Australia! It’s a really cool place. Warped Tour 058 ThriceIt’s always harder going overseas because of the disconnect between you and your loved ones here. It’s further because times are different and you’re racking up a lot of calling card fees or whatever. But I like traveling and I like going over to Europe.

PW: So as far as tourism goes, is Europe your number one spot?
TT: Yea… I wish there was more time to actually be a “tourist” (yes, he did finger quotations). You roll into a city and you really only have a few hours to wander around – if you have any time—and then there’s sound check and the show.

PW: Is there anything you want to say to the fans?
TT: Uhhh… Thank you! (laughs) I guess with Beggars the record that’s about to be—I guess it’s kind of out already, I don’t know. It’s weird. But that got leaked way early and that’s actually why it got staggered with the digital release and then the physical release. But I thought it was really encouraging. A lot of the people were showing their support for the band and saying, “I’m definitely going to buy the record” or whatever – so that was cool. So, thank you!

PW: Well that wraps it up for us. Thanks for chatting!
TT: Cool, thanks!

Beggars is available now on iTunes. The physical version of Beggars will be available in stores on September 15th on Vagrant Records. Thrice hits the road this Fall supporting Brand New along with their own headlining tour supported by the Dear Hunter and Polar Bear Club. Visit www.Thrice.net for more information.

Thanks to Teppei for talking with us, Katy and Damon for setting up the interview, and MSO and the Warped Tour staff for having a shaded press area.