Reel Big Fish 045

What better way to start the New Year than with a band that is guaranteed to slap a smile on your face… Reel Big Fish rocked out their Orange County stomping grounds for fans and video cameras alike. With help from opening acts One Pin Short and Streetlight Manifesto, Reel Big Fish made sure 2009 was headed in the right direction.

Up first was One Pin Short. Unfortunately, I didn’t get out of the cold January air and into the venue until their last song. I was pretty bummed since I was feeling the good, fun vibe these guys were putting out for the crowd. The audience was definitely feeling it and made sure the band felt appreciated.

One Pin Short 003

Making up the meat of the night’s music sandwich was Streetlight Manifesto. This band is awesome live! The energy level in the venue was extremely high thanks to both the band and the fans.

Streetlight Manifesto 004 Streetlight Manifesto 021 Streetlight Manifesto 022 Streetlight Manifesto 033

If there’s one thing you can count on from a ska band it’s that they will be having fun. Every band member really tried to keep the connection with the fans as solid as a rock. Whether it was playing at the edge of the stage or just putting every ounce of energy into group vocals, the band made the crowd go wild! Streetlight Manifesto remarked that the stage was huge (definitely larger than I’m used to shooting) and they did their best to make the best use of their available playing room. This is surely a band you don’t want to miss live.

Streetlight Manifesto 020 Streetlight Manifesto 028Streetlight Manifesto 036 Streetlight Manifesto 038

Then came time for the knockout punch: I’ve seen Reel Big Fish a couple times before and this performance just blew all their other ones away!

Reel Big Fish 016 Reel Big Fish 005 Reel Big Fish 042

You couldn’t ask for better harmony in the building. The fans were going nuts, jumping from one tier to the next doing anything they could to get closer. The band was on point making use of the stage with their typical comedic antics. The best part? The cameras were rolling catching every fun moment of the show!

Reel Big Fish 019 Reel Big Fish 020 Reel Big Fish 014 Reel Big Fish 028

Reel Big Fish made sure to play a good mix of songs from their collection in order to make a good live DVD set. This, of course, translated to super happy fans who were more than willing to sing and laugh along with the band. A staple of Reel Big Fish’s set is the proof that they are masters (as Metallica would say: masters… MASTERS!) of all musical genres. Not only is this impressive, it’s downright hillarious. Make sure you check this out when the DVD hits store shelves (or YouTube it if you’re too anxious).

Reel Big Fish 013Reel Big Fish 012Reel Big Fish 023Reel Big Fish 022 Reel Big Fish 052Reel Big Fish 034 Reel Big Fish 039 Reel Big Fish 055

Reel Big Fish still has some US ground to cover before heading to international venues. Be sure to check their website and myspace for upcoming tour dates as well as their new album “Fame, Fortune, and Fornication” available January 20th.

A big thanks to Earshot Media for allowing me to shoot this show and the Grove staff for being super nice. HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! I hope yours is both fun and safe.