UnderOath 064

Having spent the majority of the day within a few miles of some of the local fires, my lungs were thick with smoke and I was covered in ashes. Having friends and family under voluntary evacuation, it felt awkard driving down to Irvine for a show. But it must have been even harder for the bands to hit the stage knowing that some of the audience might be stopped by road closures and (unfortunately) loss of home. Despite the troubles, The Devil Wears Prada, Saosin, and UnderØath all put on amazing shows for those in attendance.

I arrived in Irvine just as The Devil Wears Prada was finishing their opening songs. I was only able to snap a few shots from the pit and then I had to retreat into the crowd. These guys are incredible live! A friend of mine introduced me to them about a year ago but I haven’t had a chance to see them until now. The transition from CD to live show is almost unnoticeable even with all the head banging and running around on stage. These guys are definitely a band to check out if you get the chance.

The Devil Wears Prada 002

Up next was local force Saosin. I’m still amazed with how this band grew and exploded into popularity within a small amount of time. Hearing the large crowd on the floor singing along to every word was an absolutely amazing thing from in front of the stage. At times it seems that they drowned out the band!

Saosin 031 Saosin 013 Saosin 037 Saosin 030 Saosin 001 Saosin 034

Saosin played a good collection of old and newer songs, but being a fan of their older work I couldn’t help but wish for more from the debut EP.

After a delay in stage setup and a huge sense of anxiousness from the crowd, UnderØath took their place on stage. As I’ve come to expect from this band, they went all out with the stage visuals. A huge projector showed the Ø logo as well as short clips during intrumental interludes between songs. They also featured a lighting setup that mimicks the cover of their latest album “Lost in the Sound of Separation”.

UnderOath 004UnderOath 009 UnderOath 019 UnderOath 026 UnderOath 030

These guys are all over the stage! The crowd responded by moving every which way as well. Crowd Surfers poured over the barricade giving security their workout for the night.

UnderOath 035 UnderOath 038 UnderOath 040

For songs, the band reached as far back as their 2004 release “They’re Only Chasing Safety” to give a well rounded set from their 3 most recent albums.

UnderOath 018

As UnderØath was finishing their set, I watched from the top of the bleachers to get a full view of the venue. It was quite a sight to see all of the people sitting down, filling up the floor, and finally the band moving around to cover every inch of the stage. It was an awesome view that dropped my jaw for a bit.

UnderOath 057

Out of all the times I’ve seen UnderØath live, they have never disappointed me. Their live show is amazing and their music gets heavier with each album. When these guys roll through they absolutely destroy the stage. Check them out when they pass through your city!

Thanks to Angela and Libby from MSO for all of your help!
Jered: it was great to see you after you’ve been traveling so much!