I heard my brother knocking on my door… but for the life of me I just couldn’t pull myself out of bed this morning. After the dead-Saturday feeling finally left my body, I got myself ready to see my brother and our friend Rowell spin at the Pike in Long Beach for a health fair. I caught the last hour and a half of hanging out with the DJs and CSULB Breakers club and I could only wish I woke up and got down there sooner.

As usual, it was a pretty relaxed environment. My brother and Rowell were playing some jams, occasionally stopping to allow the event coordinators to hold a raffle and make announcements. For the most part, I hung around the breakers who had a tile floor set up on the sidewalk/ bike path. They put it down:

Breakers Club 030 Breakers Club 042 Breakers Club 081 Breakers Club 112 Breakers Club 100

For more of the wild antics, be sure to check out the album from this event by clicking here.

Also, peep out my brother DJ tehBEN and the CSULB Breakers Club for appearances and general good times!