If a band or artist doesn’t come around that much, you can count on a sold-out show when they actually roll through. Such is the case with Tegan and Sara. These Canadian twins took advantage of this fact and decided to donate some of the proceeds of the Glasshouse show to Sweet Relief. This organization donates money to musicians that cannot afford to fund their creativity because of other obligations (health, age, etc).
Generous artists, sold out venue, screaming fans… sounds like the equation for a great night!

Tegan and Sara jumped on stage to the sound of excited fans and the blinding flash of cameras. Everyone was excited for these two to get behind their instruments and start their set. Considering the twins haven’t been to SoCal in a while, it’s no surprise that everyone was wide-eyed in anticipation.

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With their first notes of the night, Tegan and Sara’s audience erupted into a mix of cheers and voices singing along. Longtime fans sang at the top of their lungs while newcomers nodded their heads along with the music. It was amazing to see the hands of fans outstretched over the barrier, trying to get attention from their music idols. The effect that music has on people is certainly something to see in person.

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While their music is the obvious draw to a Tegan and Sara show, the stories they share with the audience between songs are a definite attraction as well. Out of all of the shows I’ve ever been to, this Tegan and Sara show made me feel the most comfortable. With all of the banter and dialogue between audience and artist, it felt like sitting in a local coffee shop and watching some friends jam out. This strong connection that crossed the security barrier as if it weren’t there kept the energy high throughout the night.

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Tegan and Sara played a lot of songs from their latest release The Con, but the selections from 2004’s So Jealous are what got the crowd singing their loudest. It was pretty funny to see the surprised expression on Tegan’s face with the volume from the audience.

As the night came to an end, it was no surprise that these Canadian wonder twins were able to sell this show out. They gave their audience everything they had and the crowd responded by doing the same. Tegan and Sara promised to return in the fall, and while this may seem like a long wait you can bet that the fall shows will sell out. Keep your eyes peeled if you missed this show because you don’t want to miss Tegan and Sara the next time they come around!

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