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It’s amazing to think of how people grow up following bands from start to wherever they end up. For me, one of those bands is the Starting Line. I’ve been a fan of these guys for a long time (just like many other people) and I’m sure it’s because the Starting Line exploits the ability to write songs that people relate to. Out of all the times I’ve seen them, they never gave a performance that let me down. They always seem to have fun on stage and definitely do their best to get the audience to share the feeling.

Amanda and I requested to cover this show for Band Nation because of both the Starting Line and Paramore. These bands are amazing performers and it’s almost impossible not to enjoy yourself considering how much fun they have on stage. Unfortunately, due to credential policies, I wasn’t able to shoot Paramore but I did stick around to watch them own the stage. It brought me back to how I first starting listening to and watching the Starting Line. I’m sure Paramore has a long journey in the music business ahead of them.

Here is the review written by Amanda as it appeared on Band Nation:

I was very excited upon arrival at the Wiltern to watch Paramore and The Starting Line with The Almost. I got there about an hour and a half before doors opened but the line was already wrapped around the venue with fans eager to see the bands. The line was full of the young and the young at heart that night meaning there were a lot of kids with their parents. Not saying that that’s a bad thing but there was so many of them and seeing that many was a first for me.

The Almost opened up the night with very strong stage presence despite the many technical difficulties they had throughout their set. I’m not really a fan of The Almost but the fans that were there for them seemed very pleased with their set. They had a lot of energy and it was a great way to start the night.

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The second act was The Starting Line, which is one of my favorite bands. They always have such great energy and onstage presence. Kenny Vasoli, The Starting Line’s vocalist, is always full of life, making his way around the stage constantly during their set. The band played a well rounded list of songs from all their CDs which pleased longtime fans like me. The crowd didn’t seem to be as into it as I thought they would be, but that didn’t stop The Starting Line from performing with everything they had. The Starting line ended their set with a crowd favorite, “Best of Me”. They finished the song by walking off stage to the voices of the crowd singing the last part of the chorus. The Starting Line has never ceased to amaze me and watching them increased my anticipation for the arrival of Paramore.

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It was a sold out show that night and by the uproar of screams and cheers in The Wiltern, I knew that it was going to be a great night. Paramore had a cool stage set up equipped with pictures of riot police and a projector that would show random videos or slides during their songs. It was my third time seeing Paramore this year and I am constantly blown away by how much energy they bring to the table. They are all so young but don’t let that obvious observation steer you away from seeing them. Their energy is consistently high throughout their entire set and it has been every single time I’ve seen them play. They had total control of the crowd and it seemed to me that at times the audience was so excited they were singing louder than front-woman Hayley Williams! At times the floor was calm but the more we got into the set, the more movement there was and the louder the audience became. Hayley’s vocal range is beyond measure and I am still so surprised that a voice like that could come from a girl so young and small but who should never be underestimated. The set was full of songs from both of their CDs and by the end of the night the crowd still couldn’t get enough. Paramore came back out for a two-song encore, ending their night with the radio-hit ‘Misery Business’ which had the crowd at their loudest.

It was a very fun and very LOUD night at The Wiltern. Fans of all bands left the venue pleased by all the performances and I hope the bands know how well they did that night. I left in awe because the night ended perfectly. The show was full of young, talented bands that kept up strong energy throughout their sets and deserved every moment on that stage!

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