Thrice 50

Thrice has always been one of my favorite bands ever since I first heard “Kill Me Quickly” in a No Friends video. This band helped inspire my band (and many of our locals) not only to start but to keep pushing the limits of our ability. When I heard they were touring with Brand New I knew I had to pick up tickets right away. Two of my favorite bands on the same stage? It hasn’t happened since I was in high school!

I went to all three Los Angeles dates and shot the second date for Band Nation. My photos were supplements to a review by one of the Band Nation staff writers. Unfortunately, I didn’t have clearance to shoot Brand New. Over the years, people have noted how difficult it was to get a photo pass from Brand New (if they could get one at all) so it would’ve been great to have that kind of clearance this time around.

Despite the Wiltern being one of my least favorite venues (as both a photographer and music fan), all three nights offered some of the best musical performances I’ve ever witnessed.

Thrice 10 Thrice 14 Thrice 37 Thrice 63
Thrice’s new material is definitely a step beyond anything they’ve ever done before and to see it performed live is even more amazing. This band has definitely grown and matured and I’m glad I’ve been there for so many steps of their evolution.Feel free to take a look at the rest of the night’s pictures by clicking HERE