The Thrills 22


Having nothing better to do, I took an assignment from Band Nation to cover a show at Spaceland out in Silverlake. MTV was there filming an episode of the Hills so if anyone watches that show, let me know if I show up.

Here’s the show review I wrote for Band Nation:

All of the stereotypes of the Los Angeles area made themselves present tonight: traffic, tough parking situations, an abundance of cameras, and a small club featuring bands managing to stay underneath the mainstream radar. Ask any of the fans inside of Spaceland and they will certainly tell you that they’d prefer their favorites to stay where they are, as their own little musical secret.

The night opened up with Rock and Roll hailing from Paris, France. At first, the crowd was reluctant to approach the stage, but after some coaxing from the band and a couple of drinks no one seemed too shy to move in.

Rock and Roll 13 the Hills

Not even the MTV camera crew filming Lauren and Audrina of “The Hills” would keep Rock and Roll’s fans from dancing up a storm. Of course, I don’t think a chance to be on national television just for having fun would hinder anyone’s good time. Rock and Roll kept the crowd moving while their entourage pulled random people on stage to dance as their set came to a close. The band moved as much as they could with what little stage room was available, but they showed no loss of energy from start to finish.

Small Sins took the stage shortly after. Now that the film crew was gone, the fans seemed a little more loosened up and more responsive to the music.

Small Sins 12 Small Sins 28

With upbeat tunes, infectious melodies, and spot-on vocal harmonies, the Canada-based Small Sins was quick to put smiles on the faces of fans packing the small club. Given their electronic based music, Small Sins allowed themselves to experiment with different sounds to accompany traditional instruments in their songs. This proved to be as much a visual element as well as an auditory one when the keyboardist answered a “phone call” from Quincy Jones which turned into a wild keyboard solo to end their set.

Finishing the theme of international indie bands for the night was The Thrills from Ireland. After some technical issues with their keyboards, the band walked onto the fan-surrounded stage. Every song they played was obviously someone’s favorite as the titles induced cheers followed by a sing-a-long session.

The Thrills 18 The Thrills 27 The Thrills 19

It’s no wonder why these boys were chosen to grace episodes of the O.C. as both performers and contributors to episode soundtracks. Effortlessly hitting note after note, The Thrills gave their fans an excellent performance. Their live show may not have had custom lighting or even a banner with their name on it (although vocalist, Conor Deasy joked about returning to Los Angeles with pyrotechnics inside of the Staples Center), but being literally two feet from the band was enough to keep the audience happy; Happy that their musical secret is successful enough to tour in their area, but not too big to offer an intimate performance with fans.

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