With summer comes the Vans Warped Tour.


In its 13th year, something new came about: a split of Los Angeles area dates. With Ventura at the beginning and Carson (across the street from home!) closing the tour, it gave people here in SoCal a chance to watch bands they normally wouldn’t get to see due to bands hopping on/ off the tour at random times.

Here’s a sample of pictures I took from 2007’s Warped Tour (click pictures for larger sizes). Bear in mind that I didn’t have a press pass so everything was shot from the crowd. Carson was a particularly fun show since SLRs weren’t allowed without credentials. I got my shots though 😉

Ventura, CA (June 30)

Paramore Anberlin New Found Glory

more from Ventura, CA:

Carson, CA (August 25)

Poison the Well Pepper Killswitch Engage Coheed and Cambria The Starting Line

more from Carson, CA